“I’m depressed, anxious, stressed, and contemplate suicide at work. I’m physically sick from the depression, anxiety and stress, and being sick at work only makes the mental problems worse, which starts a cycle. My boss is an a–hole with unrealistic demands. I have to do all of my work, plus extra, plus clean up my co-worker’s half-a–ed job.”  ~Comment from a Worker in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

As I was analyzing the stats from the survey and preparing this post the above comment came in around noon on June 1st.  Since this came in in June it would not have made the May 31st cut-off, BUT go back and re-read that quote. It depicts the depths of pain that people are in today.  Remember this when you walk by someone at work or on the street. Depression Caused by Job Stress is Real and Can Cause People To Contemplate Suicide.  This is a very serious situation.   If you are a someone who can help me identify resources  – not to make a buck off of people, but for FREE – just to help people who are in this particular situation and suffering, please get in touch with me.  

Yet another month has passed. For some people EVERY workday is a struggle to just survive. Hopefully this survey and it’s results will help bring light to this plight of today’s workers – who are, as it seems from the survey results, experiencing this all over the world.

If you’ve never been there  –  where you want to quit your job without another one, no matter what – then you can  not truly understand this particular pain. For those who are currently experiencing this – know that you are not alone and most importantly know that this will end and you will survive this time in your life and in your career. For those of you who love someone who is in this pain – understand that this is real and try to support your loved one in their decision even though you might not understand.

Summary of Survey Results Ending May 31, 2013:

This months’ answers to the question: Why Are You Thinking About Quitting Your Job Without Another One?

  • I can no longer take the verbal or physical abuse from this position.
  • Makes me hate life. makes me bitter, very mind numbing. no future.
  • The fit is just horrible and my anxiety and stress is unbearable as a result.
  • Because I hate it!
  • Because working conditions are unbearable, making me sick. I also feel like I am being deterred from following my dreams I can’t afford to waste another minute that can be used to pursue my dream. There is something out there better for me than the present; a more promising future.
  • Not inspired by what I’m doing
  • Working very hard and achieving nothing
  • Don’t agree with the strategy or lack of strategy on the work and how it has been put together
  • The company has no strong work ethic ethos, lots of people doing the bare minimum
  • No transparency in pay
  • Often projects are under resourced meaning that we fail to delivery quality work on time
  • I want to write graphic novels and scripts and paint portraits and stories
  • I’m moving and can’t handle additional transportation costs. My current job is also actively worsening my depression.
  • I am thinking about quitting my job for several reasons:1. I am tired of getting up at 5:15 every week day.2. I spend 2 hours a day on the road 3. I do not have support of administration in trying to do my best to educate students.4. I have been moved 3 times in 2 years. 5. I find myself unable to do anything at the end of the day other than come home, eat, watch t.v. and go to bed; no energy left over. 6. I am ready for a change.
  • Organizational changes resulted in my being pushed into a lesser role than I had previously.
  • I don’t enjoy what I do and need the time and stress-free experience to find out what I truly want to do. The enjoyment of the job is no longer there and there is no motivation to try and excel at what I’m doing. It has crept over into my personal life, making me less happy as a person overall.
  • Because I start to panic on Sunday evening when I think about going to work on Monday. Because I stay up as late as possible to postpone the inevitable. Because I feel like a fish out of water at my job. Because I have been getting sick frequently, gained weight, and have skin problems because of the stress. Because I stopped caring about the things I used to enjoy. Because I truly don’t want to do anything in the evenings or weekends because I’m just so exhausted from my job.
  • No passion, the job is not my fit. I am miserable in it. The job is not working for me.
  • I feel like the job I’m doing now it’s not taking me anywhere, it frustrates me always. I think it is time to let go and move forward
  • Because my job is very stressful and I feel I get treated unfairly
  • Very unhappy and feel like I should be doing more with my life. I am tired of working for someone else and literally dread coming into the office everyday. I literally hate my boss and tolerate her only because I have too but each day it gets harder to do and I feel very strongly that if this is how my life is going to be I’d rather not be in it!
  • I will be financially secure with the help of my fiancé. The job I’m at causes me to feel stuck and unable to take life by the reigns spiritually. I feel it is a dead-end job and I have used up all the resources and mental structure building that it can provide me. I am able to confidently take away from this job acquired knowledge as how to better speak with people on all different mind sets and situations. It has helped me gain more patience with people and better listening skills, along with empathy. I feel that now while working at this job it is keeping me from pursuing more attentive time devoted to helping loved ones and friends. The energy that I have to better assist others is exhausted at work and mentally I run into road blockage in pursue of achieving these goals outside of work.
  • I hate my job.
  • IT FXXXXXX SUCKS AXXXXXX (admin – removed profanity)
  • I do not like working in a cubicle and I am not passionate about what I do. I feel stuck and unmotivated at my job. I am just doing it for a paycheck, and I don’t even need as much money as I am making. I feel there are more fulfilling and enjoyable job opportunities out there for me. I want to be in the right mindset before looking for jobs, so I am going to quit, take a month off, and then look for another job.
  • It is an unhealthy, abusive environment for me. I find myself in tears one way or another related to the job I take as many vacation days as I can just to avoid having people yelling at me all day. I have already had one breakdown because of this and I consider doing physical harm to myself every day just to find ways to get out of a day of work. I dread coming in every day to the point where I am generally late…. which only adds more stress. This job gives me migraines and other server health issues due to stress that have started manifesting more and more frequently. In addition to that I have extreme and lasting emotional duress due to this job… it is a very negative job and I’ve been doing it so long that when I have time off there is a noticeable difference in mood and attitude towards life in general… which I have noticed is seriously hindering my ability to not only look for new work but to look like a positive loving candidate that will be able to contribute to another company.
  • I am frustrated with the job.
  • I am just a helping boy at the job. Handicapped job profile. Irritated with the working culture.
  • Because I am done with stressing and coming to work everyday, where I feel why I have to see my boss. I hate being ordered around, and that’s what my new boss does
  • I know this job is not my passion. I feel strongly that although I do not have the business plan lined up, I need time to develop the ideas and to generate the creativity to make it worth everything. I have a boss who is abusive and there is little room for success and mobility. I’m stuck.
  • 12 – 14 hours a day plus 3 hour commute, toxic boss, work stress causing health issues
  • I am not happy. I am unable to sleep peacefully. My health is degrading.
  • I feel unappreciated and humiliated at work. I don’t care to about learning insurance and my skills as a therapist are becoming less and less relevant. I hate being talked down to and yelled at by clients and providers. I hate that my time is micromanaged down to the minute and it’s starting to overflow into my personal life. I am in physical pain everyday, and have become so depressed that my appearance has changed. I don’t like what I see in the mirror. I am depressed on the weekends just thinking about having to go into work on Monday and am completely drained on the weekends. I’m too tired, discourage and too depressed to look for another job, and I’m afraid that they will notice that I look depressed and not offer me a job.
  • I really hate my job, the work atmosphere is very negative, and it’s a long commute. I cry driving home from work; feel sick all weekend especially Sunday because I have to go back into work Monday. I feel work is all about the next mistake, not about how well you do the job.
  • I do not like what I do. I feel empty inside. I feel like my life is a waste. I could be doing something more meaningful and important.
  • I cannot seem to get the clarity and focus to even figure out what I am passionate about. It seems to me I just may need to remove the stress, and tension that the corporate grind promotes before I can really move in the right direction.
  • Want to focus on another career path/field.
  • My job is making me dull and unimaginative. This is not the job I want to do. It makes me sad when I wake up in the mornings.
  • I am ready to quit because the workplace is incredibly toxic. There is no work life balance and my bosses don’t give me clarity on my job.
  • I feel unappreciated and undervalued, my boss does not listen, it is manual, the data entry is killing my arm, I pulled my side muscle lifting boxes, the boss is always making snide remarks about someone, and I got my past co worker a job and it has been a hell hole since.
  • I am not happy
  • It does not feel like the right job

Stats After Four Months of Gathering Data:

Total of 144 Respondents (13 in Feb; 17 in  Mar; 55 in Apr and 59 in May)

Gender:  (has almost always been a 60/40 split):66% Female, 34% Male

Income Levels: (even though most make under $50k the comments about why folks need to quit are about poor job fit, abusive supervisors and toxic work cultures)

60% – Under $50,000

32% – $50,000 – $100,000

8% – Over $100,000

Locations: Top 3 countries:  United States 64%; Canada 13% and Europe 9%

Total of 15 Countries Responding: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Finland, Malta, Philippines, Singapore,

In May we  added: Kuwait, Bahamas, Egypt, and Hong Kong

United States Stats: Top 3 States Responding: California, New York and Illinois

More than Half of the United States of America is represented with 31 States: California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, D.C., Arizona, Connecticut, Colorado, Washington, Iowa, Florida, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, Nevada, Minnesota, Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, and New Mexico

In May we added: Virginia, North Carolina Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas, Maryland and New Hampshire

The 10 Steps to Get Prepared to “Just Quit”?

  1. 54% have completed a spreadsheet to find out how long they can go without a job (you don’t HAVE to do this spreadsheet, but it helps to see exactly where you are financially.  Most people stay stuck because of financial obligations.  If you do the spreadsheet, figure out how much money  or assets that you have EVERYWHERE – it might surprise you what resources you have.)
  2. 71% have saved (or have access to) enough money for basic expenses for 6 months (having this cushion frees your mind considerably to be able to make the decision…if you are here then move to step 3 and figure out what you want to do)
  3. 71% have a general idea or specific plan about what they really want to do (This is where most people get stuck again, trying to figure out what they are good at.  For this step start with thinking about when you were a child and what you excelled at.  If you can’t remember ask who ever was there to help raise you – mother, father, grandparents, aunts, uncles.  What you are looking for are your natural aptitudes.  What comes naturally for you?  What is your natural expression?  Sometimes as we get older this gets sucked out of us just by sheer life and obligations or we think EVERYONE is good at the thing that comes natural to us so we don’t see its value.  If you can’t figure out what turned you on as a kid then find a hobby.  If you don’t have a hobby – find one this week. Yes I know this is a tall order while you are depressed, but just try.  All we are looking for at this point is some of your natural talents to come forth.)
  4. 76% thought about “the story” they will tell about “Just Quitting” (while between employment) – (You could be out of work for one week, one month,or one year, but rest assured  folks are going to ask you” “What do you do?”  You need to have a ready prepared positive affirming statement of what you are going to say.  There is some great  new research on a social science technique called Story Editing – it’s a key to Just Quitting –– use it — )
  5. 42% talked to others who have “Just Quit” – (No matter what that person’s “story” is, it will let you know that if other people can do it, did it and survived then you will too. It only seems insurmontable but you’ll get get over, under or beyond this challenge.) 
  6. 88% have thought about how the decision will impact their families (- BUT – don’t let that stop you from moving forward just factor it in your decision.)
  7. 81% DECIDED to “Just Quit” – May not have the actual date, but have made the decision (it’s just a decision, but one you have to make, you don’t quit before you DECIDE to quit…just make sure it is a calculated decision and not rushed)
  8. 58% have determined the actual date that they can “Just Quit” (this is when you mark it on your calendar, on your phone, get a countdown widget and count down the years/months/weeks/days — it’s liberating and something to look forward to which makes the days you are still in your job more bearable)
  9. 40% have already written their resignation letter (You don’t want to submit it yet, but have it ready to go.  This will activate the universe to help make it a reality.  It’s like it “downloads” a program and things start to sort themselves out.  Just imagine when you download a program to your computer or phone  — writing this letter and reading and re-reading this letter – sort of gives the universe (God, the Source, Infinite Wisdom) the signal to start the wheels in motion — it signals that you’re ready  – it helps you to be able to walk out that door for the last time).
  10. 55% have thought about how they will celebrate when they “Just Quit” (Start thinking about this now because this “creates” your new life…you can be a part of co-creating YOUR life as it is unfolding.Don’t wait until you’re out the door, that’s too late and within two weeks you’ll be BACK to depressed asking yourself Now What?)

General Comments From May 2013 Respondents:

  • I’m going in circles and feel if I don’t quit soon I’ll go nuts
  • I have dreamed about starting in a new situation. Also, I have had people share they are praying I will find a new job.
  • I recently graduated college and was extremely lucky to land a decent-paying job within 2 weeks of graduation. And now that I’ve been working for a while, I regret not spending more time discovering who I want to be and what I truly want to do. The job was almost given to me and I felt pressured to accept. Now I’m stuck with the thought of blinking my eyes and being 30 with the same boring job and now real life experiences to say that I have genuinely enjoyed my time.
  • It’s going to be hard without a job but it is a chance I’m willing to take. This survey is going to help me do the right thing for myself
  • Currently going to school for a different profession.
  • I am an artist. I am capable of creating so many different things. I don’t have a business plan, but I’ve seen plenty of artists take their art and open businesses, freelance, while using marking savvy and the web (I have a handle on these things as well) to grow their business. I know I can do it, but haven’t taken the leap of faith. Those around me do not have the same confidence in me.
  • I am so miserable at what I do and have lost interest in my job since day 1!
If You're Still Reading This  It's Probably Because You' Feel Hopeless in a Miserable Job...Don't Worry...You'll Get Out of This...One Morning You Will Wake Up...JOYFUL

If You’re Still Reading This It’s Probably Because You’ Feel Hopeless in a Miserable Job…Don’t Worry…You’ll Get Out of This…One Morning You Will Wake Up…JOYFUL