Total of 212 Responding

22 Countries

Flag Country Total
United States 137 65%
Canada 22 10%
United Kingdom 17 8%
India 8 4%
Australia 6 3%
Singapore 4 2%
Philippines 2 1%
Malta 2 1%
Nigeria 1 <1%
Malaysia 1 <1%
Netherlands 1 <1%
Saudi Arabia 1 <1%
Slovenia 1 <1%
Kuwait 1 <1%
South Africa 1 <1%
Denmark 1 <1%
Colombia 1 <1%
Bahamas 1 <1%
Egypt 1 <1%
Finland 1 <1%
Hong Kong 1 <1%
Jordan 1 <1%

United States  –  33 States:

California 25 18%
New York 12 9%
Massachusetts 8 6%
Illinois 8 6%
Ohio 6 4%
North Carolina 6 4%
Colorado 6 4%
Virginia 5 4%
Connecticut 5 4%
Arizona 5 4%
Texas 4 3%
Pennsylvania 4 3%
New Jersey 4 3%
Florida 4 3%
Minnesota 4 3%
Washington 3 2%
Wisconsin 3 2%
Georgia 3 2%
Maryland 3 2%
District Of Columbia 3 2%
Indiana 2 1%
Tennessee 2 1%
Iowa 2 1%
Nevada 1 1%
New Mexico 1 1%
Oregon 1 1%
West Virginia 1 1%
New Hampshire 1 1%
Louisiana 1 1%
Arkansas 1 1%
Delaware 1 1%
Maine 1 1%
Michigan 1 1%


Why Are You Thinking About Quitting Your Job Without Another One?

    • Been at the same company 11 years and going nowhere. The work is not at all challenging, and so much is expected of us (with little in return). I don’t care about the product we make or the work we do–it does not inspire me at all. I detest Sundays, and just struggle through each week until I can make it to the weekend.
    Yesterday, 12:00AM
    • I hate my job. I literally hate it. I’m miserable there. I spend long hours stuck in traffic, driving from appointment to appointment (I work in home health care). I’m overwhelmed by the number of clients that I am expected to see. My boss keeps pushing me to see more and more people and I already feel that I can’t keep up with the number that I’m expected to see now. I spend countless hours in the evening and on weekends writing reports and answering emails. I feel like my job is taking over my life. Sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe because I am just so stressed and overwhelmed. I don’t want to get up in the morning because I don’t want to go to work. I just hate it. I have never had a job that made me this miserable. The worst part is that I’m not even making good money. My boss is completelely underpaying me and profitting off of me. I’ve been looking for months and can’t find another job. I’m just worried that if I quit I won’t be able to find something else.
    Friday, Jun 28th 6:58PM
    • Because everyday I feel sick at going in there is constant people talking about me I have panik attacks and cannot sleep worrying that everyone hates me I also have gone into myself I’m not the happy confident person I used to be.
    Thursday, Jun 27th 4:32PM
    • Set up for failure
    Wednesday, Jun 26th 11:32PM
    • It’s stressful, I don’t like what I do anymore, I don’t like most of the people I work with, not paid enough for what I do, taken advantage of, hate the hours
    Monday, Jun 24th 7:18PM
    • I have been a contractor for almost three years and I want a permanent position within the company. The Director and Manager of my group have known that I’ve wanted a permanent position for almost a year but they have failed to move on it or address it to me.
    Monday, Jun 24th 7:09PM
    • Because I am bored with my job, it’s not in the field I am passionate about.
    Monday, Jun 24th 12:31AM
    • Job has become stressful and a lack of leadership in management.
    Sunday, Jun 23rd 11:16AM
    • My work has no purpose, helps nobody, and I don’t believe that the organization really cares about the results. They are simply interested in getting grant money from the government and have no intention to use that money to develop a product. I also don’t think the management has any idea what they are doing.
    Saturday, Jun 22nd 11:43PM
    • I am miserable every day I hate going to work monday I hate that I never see my husband I hate my hours I hate my customers
    Saturday, Jun 22nd 7:01PM
    • I feel stuck in my job and my career. I’ve been plotting this years ago, but I was waiting to get some things I needed (loans, a surgery paid trought the healthcare, etc).Now I’ve got all I need. It’s time to quit and start over.
    Tuesday, Jun 18th 4:45PM
    • The job I have is making me sick.. physically sick just thinking about being there makes me ill. It’s where hard work is ignored and politics are constantly at play. It’s a place that discourages development and growth of its team and encourages “top down” mechanics under the guise of being a company run on new age defining principles. It’s a place where I feel creatively stifled even though I have a creative role. I have no desire to work within the field I’m in anymore and there is so much more to life that I have true interest in.
    Tuesday, Jun 18th 12:12PM
    • I hate the micromanaging bureaucratic culture. I also especially hate waking up in the mornings. I don’t want another job because it will just be the exact same thing as the one I have.
    Tuesday, Jun 18th 1:08AM
    • I psychologically can’t handle working with sales. The downs in sales, makes me feel worthless.
    Monday, Jun 17th 2:38PM
    • I am not good at my job. I hate going to work. I am always late at work. The work is boring. My boss work on my nerves. I hate presentations. I have no passion for my work. I am not keeping up to date with my profession. People expect me to be an accounting expert whic I am not. I am not doing my job. I want freedom. I want a new career. I want to wake up late in the morning. I want a job for which I have passion. I want o be an expert in my job. I want the freedom to travel for long periods. I want to spend my time reading. I want to feel alive. I want to stop feeling anxious.
    Monday, Jun 17th 1:03PM
    • I have more important things in my life that work. I do not deserve to be treated like shit and be unappreciated at my place of work. My job has caused serious healthy issues for me. I do not get sick days or vacations. I can still do whatever I want and no worry about money for over a year.
    Sunday, Jun 16th 4:48PM
    • Hate the profession Don’t find it works with my values Don’t think it works with my strengths Makes me feel low Takes away everything I like about myself
    Saturday, Jun 15th 10:41AM
    • Ah actually, I did quit. I’m taking this survey out of curiosity. After almost fifteen years in manufacturing I’ve only managed to work my way up to $15/hr. I am intelligent, well spoken and extremely well written. I am analytical, capable of complex abstract thought, have keen spatial visualization and problem solving skills. I could only take so much of being reminded these things by co-workers and engineers without due compensation. The final straw came when I was passed up for a gainful opportunity within another department which I was an ideal candidate for, because of my apparent value to my current department. That was it. It was already bad enough that I didn’t love my job, being overlooked in lieu of a lesser qualified candidate because my manager would not let me go was a direct insult to my integrity as a human being.
    Friday, Jun 14th 2:00PM
    • I want to change career field and staying at current position which is so demanding and not enjoyable I hardly find time to pursue my interests in new career field. However I try my best but staying at current job is just not an option anymore.
    Thursday, Jun 13th 11:31AM
    • Things I Hate About My Job**1.)I hate how I have to cover everyone else’s time off when I can’t ever seem to get enough for myself. 2.)I hate sleeping all day and working all night. 3.)I hate the wannabe military atmosphere that permeates here. 4.)Im sick of the facility—all stairs, being hot, being cold. 5.)I really hate the stupid heavy boots that I have to wear. My ankles are in serious pain every day. 6.)I hate most of my co-workers with their military wannabe attitudes and the supervisors who all look like they were the nerds in school and are taking out their past torture on everyone. 7.)I hate hearing about how great we have it here and how we are all lucky to even have a job—would you tell an abused woman that she is at least lucky to have a boyfriend?. 8.)I hate how my vacation was accepted then denied a week before I was supposed to leave. 9.)I hate stairs. 10.)I hate the loud obnoxious alarm testing I have to do every night. 11.)I hate having to work 12 days straight without a day off, then get one, then work another 6 straight. 12.)I hate working 12 hour shifts whenever they tell me to. 13.)I hate my supervisor’s ridiculously serious attitude about the job—it really isn’t that serious and the way you let them treat you is undignified. 14.)I hate sitting in a quiet office with nothing to accomplish other than the occasional mouse click. 15.)I hate how condescending the management and employees are. 16.)I hate how the job has taken over my thoughts even outside of work. 17.)I am tired of the stomach aches and pains, the headaches, the back pain, the depression, the mood swings, all because of this job. 18.)I hate how there is a “click” of co-workers/supervisors that always get time off, and I don’t—on top of that they always somehow get rewards for good performance…. 19.)I hate the shitty computer systems we are stuck with. 20.)I hate the following words: Sir (most hated word), Captain, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Egress, CSO, SOPs, Sierra, Alpha, Egg, Mat. 21.)I hate how we have to wear a one piece jumpsuit and how my underwear rides up my ass constantly all shift. 22.)I hate how when I leave in the morning, I have to be back the same friggin day. 23.)I hate third shift and what it has done to my complexion and weight.
    Thursday, Jun 13th 5:19AM
    • The job is too frantic and I often cannot get one thing done without being dragged away to something else.
    Wednesday, Jun 12th 9:15PM
    • Because I hate working in fast food and I feel miserable just thinking about it. I get abused by customers and the management there is terrible. I want out. Straight away.
    Wednesday, Jun 12th 6:22PM
    • I hate my job. I think I hate my profession. I feel under-utilizied, under-appreciated.
    Wednesday, Jun 12th 3:30PM
    • It is a terrible, hostile, and unorganized work environment.
    Tuesday, Jun 11th 10:52PM
    • Lack of direction in the current company. I see no future for the company or myself.
    Tuesday, Jun 11th 1:58PM
    • i hate my dead end job where there is no recognetion or appreciation
    Tuesday, Jun 11th 2:33AM
    • If I don’t quit I will be fired so I’m trying to do the not so worst part even though both are bad.
    Tuesday, Jun 11th 12:47AM
    • Job doesn’t interest me .. Field doesn’t interest me . Don’t see myself anymore with this company. Work life balance is completely out of whack . I live in a country and my wife and kids in another . I can’t sleep at all! I am stressed , spaced out and miserably down all the time. I lost my faith in myself
    Sunday, Jun 9th 9:58PM
    • I hate my boss. He is verbally abusive, constantly harasses me, and is making my life hell.
    Sunday, Jun 9th 4:02PM
    • Yes I need to quit
    Saturday, Jun 8th 11:21AM
    • This job has turned me into a sad horrible person. I used to be so awesome and now I feel like nothing.
    Friday, Jun 7th 6:24AM
    • i am so busy at work that i don’t even have the time to look for anther job unless i quit my current job
    Friday, Jun 7th 12:03AM
    • I work in call center in collections and middle age,mother of three I am not doing very well at my job because i don’t enjoy talking a lot. ,every morning before I go to work i have butter flies in my stomach, am I going to do a good job or not,I ask my self why I can’t be multitask er just like other people. taking notes at the same time while i am offering pmt options. I am job hunter and studying part time. Basically I am god gifted artist ( oil landscapes, sketches, portraits, etc) I always wonder how can make living out of this profession.Every evening after work I pray that tonight should be my last day at work.but don’t have another job,so i don’t quit.even if I quit will I get ei benefits By reading your article I felt like this is my story.
    Thursday, Jun 6th 10:25PM
    • Because my boss is impossible to work with. He’s arrogant, condescending, and passive aggressive.He blames me for EVERYTHING even if it’s not my fault and then, when it turns out to be a glitch with the software or when it turns out to be HIS fault, then, suddenly, it was no big deal. He has MANY MANY MANY rules that are difficult to abide by because the rules continue to change. What was okay yesterday isn’t okay today. He’ll say one thing and then say the opposite. Or he’ll claim to have told me something even though he hadn’t.He lies and exaggerates deadlines if I need the day or afternoon off for appointments. I get no medical coverage, no benefits, no sick days, no vacation days.
    Thursday, Jun 6th 9:24PM
    • I have stayed in this job because i needed the income to support myself and my partner. He has got a job now however it is some distance away the commute seems silly 2hrs for a job in a company that doesn’t treat their staff well or help develop people further in their careers
    Thursday, Jun 6th 1:02PM
    • Stressed to the point of being sick. Undervalued. Overwhelmed with feeling of out of my depth. Wrong company -small, no structure, no support, feel ignored, don’t know what’s needed of me, feel isolated. I clock watch, time drags. Fear of failure. Poor money (half what I was earning 5 years ago). Longer than usual hours. Unusually tired.
    Thursday, Jun 6th 3:48AM
    • I’m at a glass ceiling. The job is boring. They have not had a raise in 5 years at this company. I feel that life is passing me by.
    Wednesday, Jun 5th 8:29AM
    • I’m miserable and don’t want to do this job for the rest of my life.
    Wednesday, Jun 5th 7:29AM
    • I hate it
    Tuesday, Jun 4th 11:39PM
    • Company culture does not support the unit. Or me. Affronts my values. I don’t respect my boss. She chooses not to trust me.
    Tuesday, Jun 4th 7:08PM
    • After six years with my current employer I am starting to feel like I am going in circles. I am not really in a good position to advance because I work remotely and yet I am one of the longest employed marketing professionals in my segment of the company. I find I don’t have the patience for the interactions. They feel meaningless. We are doing neat things as a company but I don’t feel like there is any celebration of what we do. Criticism is just heaped on top of criticism and there is always some opportunity that we missed that is reason for disappointment. I don’t really believe anymore that the path that I am on is right for me. Maybe it was two, three, four years ago. But I am back in the same place that I have been several times and I am left wondering when will it be enough.
    Tuesday, Jun 4th 6:02PM
    • Breach of contract No support
    Monday, Jun 3rd 10:38AM
    • I am so unhappy. I go to bed dreading work the next day, I wake up in a bad mood because I have to go to a job I hate. The hours are long and boring. We have no benefits. We hit a ceiling in pay, which I’m already at the most I can make and its not that much. I’m also in school and feel like life has been sucked out of me by the time i get off that I have no energy to devote any time to school work. This list goes on.
    Monday, Jun 3rd 10:20AM
    • Because I am miserable there.
    Monday, Jun 3rd 3:08AM
    • It is crushing my soul.
    Sunday, Jun 2nd 10:41PM
    • Because my job is unfufilling and it makes me even more depressed… its not worth it i wanna kill myself when i think about having to waste 8 hours there each night
    Sunday, Jun 2nd 12:28PM
    • I’m depressed, anxious, stressed, and contemplate suicide at work. I’m physically sick from the depression, anxiety and stress, and being sick at work only makes the mental problems worse, which starts a cycle. My boss is an asshole with unrealistic demands. I have to do all of my work, plus extra, plus clean up my co-worker’s half-assed job.
    Saturday, Jun 1st 12:28PM
    • The type of work that I do, I am not happy with. At the end of the day I do not have a sense of satisfaction or gratification that I did something meaningful or worthwhile. I am in a position where I scam customers for their money in return for very little to them. I do not “help” people in a way that I want to. I wear a suit and tie and I clean cars in 100+degree heat. I did not go to college to do this and I deserve so much better. I work 50 hours a week and I am physically and mentally drained from work. I do not spend time with family or friends like I used to and I have a very bad attitude because all week I take nothing but bullshit from customers complaining over nothing. I bend over backwards to make them happy and make my managers richer while my pay check stays the same. I need to do work where I am helping others in a positive fashion and where I can make a difference. My efforts need to be apart of the “bigger picture”. Working at this company is horrible, the working conditions, the business practices they teach us, and the terrible management invasion of privacy is something I absolutely hate. I need to find something else!

Gender –

Female: 65.52%  Male: 34.48%


Income Levels


 Under $50,000 58.05%
 $50-000 – $100,000 33.17%
 Over $100,000 8.78%

Comments About Income:

  • I’m paid hourly and so my pay fluctuates alot from month to month. I get paid per billable hour so there’s alot of pressure on me to take on more work in order to get better pay.
Friday, Jun 28th 6:58PM
  • Have a lot saved up (50,000)
Monday, Jun 24th 7:18PM
  • $230,000
Sunday, Jun 23rd 11:16AM
  • I make 7000/yr.
Tuesday, Jun 18th 4:45PM
  • Commission based but around 50.000
Monday, Jun 17th 2:38PM
  • I’m an 18 year old part-time worker. I earn $12 per hour. I work hard, and I’m keen to find a job that pays a lot better than that pathetic wage.
Wednesday, Jun 12th 6:22PM
  • I am an India. Currency is INR
Tuesday, Jun 11th 1:58PM
  • making below market rate as a fully designated CMA
Friday, Jun 7th 12:03AM
  • $28000
Thursday, Jun 6th 10:25PM
  • Way under living standards. I am statistically poor.
Thursday, Jun 6th 9:24PM


The 10 Steps to Get Prepared to “Just Quit”?

Are You Prepared To Quit? Check Those Things That You Have Already Done
  •  Thought About How This Decision Will Impact Your Family/Spouse/Children
173 14%
  •  DECIDED to “Just Quit” – You May Not Know The Date, But You Have Made The Decision
154 13%
  •  Thought About “The Story” You’ll Tell About “Just Quitting” (While Between Employment)
142 12%
  •  Have a General Idea or Specific Plan About What You Really Want to Do (Without doing this you’ll probably get stuck again doing something that makes you miserable)
139 12%
  •  Saved or Have Access to Enough Money for 6 Months for Basic Expenses
136 11%
  •  Thought About How You Will Celebrate When You “Just Quit” – How Will You Feel That Day – What You’ll Do That Night & The Next Morning
106 9%
  •  Completed A Spreadsheet To Find Out How Long You Can Go Without A Job
99 8%
  •  Determined the Actual Date You Can “Just Quit” (This is Your “Just Quit” Date)
97 8%
  •  Talked to Others Who Have “Just Quit”- Listened to Their Stories/What They Did (Note: You will not find many people who’ve had the courage to do this. Most people stay stuck or wait until they find another job.)
81 7%
  •  Written Your Resignation Letter (You MUST do this and give proper notice. NO EXCEPTIONS.)
80 7%

General Comments From June 2013 Respondents:

General Comments – Please feel free to add any other comments
  • Thank you for this very helpful website!
Friday, Jun 28th 6:58PM
  • Your posts helped me make my mind! thank you.
Tuesday, Jun 18th 4:45PM
  • i need a boost to do something better in my life
Thursday, Jun 6th 10:25PM