“I’m so glad I found this site! It’s nice to know that other people understand the urge and even the need to “just quit” instead of continuing to suffer while trying to find another job.” – Comment from Someone Living in New York, USA on July 30th, 2013

Everything Will Be Okay

Sometimes in life you have to “Just Quit” what is not working so you can let come what will work for you and your life. Below are the comments and results for July 2013 

A Total of 278 People Have Responded To Our Survey

30 Countries Around The World  – 33 States in the U.S.A.

United States 172 62%
Canada 28 10%
United Kingdom 21 8%
Australia 11 4%
India 9 3%
Singapore 7 3%
Philippines 3 1%
South Africa 2 1%
Malta 2 1%
Hong Kong 2 1%
Egypt 2 1%
Pakistan 1 <1%
Norway 1 <1%
Netherlands 1 <1%
Romania 1 <1%
Russia 1 <1%
Slovenia 1 <1%
Saudi Arabia 1 <1%
Nigeria 1 <1%
Venezuela 1 <1%
China 1 <1%
Bahamas 1 <1%
Bahrain 1 <1%
Afghanistan 1 <1%
Colombia 1 <1%
Denmark 1 <1%
Kuwait 1 <1%
Jordan 1 <1%
Finland 1 <1%
Malaysia 1 <1%

Below are the answers to the question: Why Are You Thinking About Quitting Your Job Without Another One?

  • My job was making me feel worthless. There wasn’t anything challenging about the work & my coworkers were negative & sucking the life blood out of me.
Wednesday, Jul 31st  10:40AM
  • I don’t believe in my job anymore. My boss is a micromanagement. I would like to do something in the arts.
Wednesday, Jul 31st, 8:59AM
  • Because i am sick of missing out on doing the thing i love doing most. Surfing. I work away from the surf for 2 weeks then come home for 1 week and look after my kids. I can go surfing while they are at school only. This is frustrating me and I’ve never had the courage to do anything about it.
Wednesday, Jul 31st 5:20AM
  • Can’t work a day with the person they hires as my direct supervisor (hired because she is married to the supervisor of my area but with limited skill and no proof of her abilities).
Tuesday, Jul 30th 11:04PM
  • I don’t feel valued. I don’t trust my own team. I don’t feel like I can maximize my value to the firm. The stress is making me physically and mentally ill. I’m not doing the work I love. The company’s values are inconsistent with my own.
Tuesday, Jul 30th 10:22PM
  • I have been working hard with very few breaks since I was 15. In the last several years, I have been trying to shoe-horn my life into my job rather than the other way around. All the travel and long hours are making it impossible to focus on things that are more important to me. My health is suffering. Physically, I am unable to consistently make time to work out; I eat out for almost every meal; do not get enough sleep; have an inconsistent schedule; and I haven’t been to the doctor in years. Mentally, I am affected by the sleep, schedule, and stress. I have difficulty focusing on my job and have lost most of my passion for it. I do not feel that I am learning or that I am in charge of my life inside or outside of work. I am constantly near the boiling point and get angry very easily when I feel that my company has done anything to negatively impact my life again. My work has become boring and repetitive, and it forces me to skip many activities that I enjoy, even when they are after normal business hours and all my friends can make it. The job is significantly hindering all my relationships. It is difficult to maintain existing friendships, let alone make new ones, and I am not able to spend time with family – including my roommate – anywhere near as often as I’d like. The relationship with my girlfriend is also suffering from undue stress due to all the travel and time spent forced apart. On top of all this, I am paid less than employees at other companies with comparable skills and experience that work fewer hours with little to no travel.
Tuesday, Jul 30th  7:07PM
  • In addition to providing no challenge, or fulfillment — my current job is completely unrelated to my personal interests and values. I fell into the position because it paid very well and came with a certain degree of prestige, but I’ve never truly been interested in the work, or the industry and I’ve been looking for a way out since I hit the 3 month mark (I’m currently a week shy of 2 years). I’m not able to use my natural strengths, and I am 100% confident that this job is in no way related to my true purpose. I can also no longer tolerate working with my manager or as part of a “corporate” culture.
Tuesday, Jul 30th 5:52PM
Tuesday, Jul 30th 2:57PM
  • I am not performing well and really hate my job.
Tuesday, Jul 30th  12:45PM
  • So many reasons beyond my well being
Sunday, Jul 28th 10:21PM
  • Relocating and being with my finance and changing careers to be somewhere where i am full time and also have benifits since i am currently part time with no benifits with student loans coming due for payment. Bigger city= bigger oppurtunities. and i want to get out of my parents home.
Sunday, Jul 28th 12:46AM
  • I studied very hard thinking that I would live a good life after I graduate but I think Im the most unhappy person. I hate this place. I dont care about my job anymore. I feel like this is punishment for something terrible that I did. I am a lot happy when im at home, with my family, with my friends, with my boyfriend. Im happy even when im in class and doing everything else outside my job. My job is tiring and makes me feel sick and the worst thing is the night shift. i feel like crying like a baby when I have to come to work at night. i want to start a business outside my career. i want to do something that will make me feel good. I want to study further. I am not proud to tell people about my job because i feel that it is stupid. i complain to everyone and they seem to think that i dont know what i want. i want to relax and have fun for a while, take a holiday. im just tired, so tired that i cant even take care of myself anymore. I cant dress up to look good anymore. I dont even do my hair anymore. my body is always tired and im gaining weight because of the stress making me eat and sleep.
Saturday, Jul 27th 7:17PM
  • I am miserable in my current job and i do not enjoy it. I want to leave the job so i can think and decide on something i would like to do.
Saturday, Jul 27th 2:42AM
  • I am just not interested in the corporate planning industry.
Friday, Jul 26th 11:20PM
  • Burnt out, bad management with no hope of changing. Bad team.
Friday, Jul 26th 1:15AM
  • Because I am bored, unchallenged and not sure if I want to continue in this profession.
Thursday, Jul 25th 7:49PM
  • Sabbatical, recuperation, other projects.
Thursday, Jul 25th 5:57PM
  • I am physically sick. I have anxiety everyday when I enter work. I have even gone to the bathroom because I thought i was going to puke from the amount of anxiety i have. i also got vertigo while there in april, and it hasnt gone away completely since – it is now august. i work with manipulative people, they act like they are in high school – they expect you to know things that you were never taught, they try to keep you at the lowest possible rung with no way of getting out of it, and they dump all of their work on you and dont help.
Wednesday, Jul 24th 8:32PM
  • I can’t stand to go to my work anymore
Tuesday, Jul 23rd 11:01PM
  • I dread going to work. I don’t like the direction the ompsny is going. I feel very unfulfiled in my job and there are no opportunities for advancement in the company. My health is suffering and I believe it is the stress of the job.
Monday, Jul 22nd 10:34PM
  • overlooked for promotion
Monday, Jul 22nd 12:51AM
  • Because being at a job for over 19 months that I didnt go to school for is more than enough. I need to gain experience and have an interest in what I am doing. I dont enjoy the majority of the people I work with. My boss is an ogre who leaves at hours at a time only to give me minimal instruction or support. I dont have any benefits and the only thing that keeps me there is the pay which is higher than most jobs at my age.
Sunday, Jul 21st 10:00PM
  • Currently I am good at my job, I enjoy working with my colleagues and I work in a very busy but relaxed environment however it does take a lot of my energy and for all the energy I put in I feel I need something more rewarding, a job that provides satisfaction in the heart, a job that I am passionate about and I don’t mind putting my energy and mind to it. Something I can come home and feel it was worth it. Maybe not every single day but most days.
Sunday, Jul 21st 5:48PM
Saturday, Jul 20th 1:40PM
  • If this was a romantic relationship, my friends and family would be begging me to run.
Saturday, Jul 20th 4:44AM
  • Been looked over for positions and my suggestions are not being taken seriously anymore.
Friday, Jul 19th 3:42PM
  • I don’t do what I would like to be doing
Wednesday, Jul 17th 5:44PM
  • No Career Development
Monday, Jul 15th 11:20PM
  • Repetition at work, bosses are speaking down to me yet I am one of the top 5 employees (by survey metrics / completed assignments) out of my team.
Saturday, Jul 13th 2:27AM
  • I hate it. It’s making me sick and bored 
Monday, Jul 8th 10:42PM
  • Can’t take the poor management and nasty customers.
Saturday, Jul 6th 4:30PM
  • I’m thinking about doing this because I feel like I’m in a rut and stressed. I’m not bein respected and I’m unhappy
Friday, Jul 5th 11:15AM
  • I can’t take it anymore! I’ve been working in the advertising field for 9 years, and I have been working in my current agency for almost 7 years. The idea of quitting had been haunting me for the past 3 years, but I always tried to oppress it by trying to highlight the positive side of my job which is mainly the working environment and how lucky i am to have a sweetheart boss, and how I am being appreciated at this job regardless of the stress, late nights, my boss’s swinging mood, crappy clients…and lately the feeling that I don’t fit anymore with the crowd in the agency. I hate Sunday nights, I drag myself out of bed everyday to go to work, I get stomach cramps when I get a phone call from my boss on my mobile. I don’t feel motivated anymore! when a new client calls in, I wish and pray that they don’t proceed with us as I don’t want any more extra work! nothing excites me anymore in this job. And last but not least, I don’t see myself in this career in the future. However, I feel so lost, I want to quit but I don’t know what will I do next, I don’t want to stay home doing nothing, I know I can go crazy! As well as everybody thinks I am crazy to take this step!
Thursday, Jul 4th 6:48PM
  • Because I feel trapped and lonely
Thursday, Jul 4th 7:17AM
  • Stressed out and salary not raised as promised.not fullfilling
Thursday, Jul 4th 5:53AM
  • My current job and boss is making me feel so miserable and useless. It is a small company (3 people), and having just moved countries its important to have human contact and meet new people – I can literally go 8 hours having only spoken to just my boss. He puts me down, asks me inappropriate questions or makes comments which are unethical. Hes totally under paying me, does not know how to manage people or work and thinks that everyone he works with or for are useless. Most nights I come home and cry, which is obviously effecting my relationship with my partner and my unhappiness is stopping me from going out there and meeting new people and having fun.
Wednesday, Jul 3rd 6:35AM
  • My job is taking it’s toll on my physically and emotionally. Everyday is like a never ending marathon of things that you never enjoyed doing.
Tuesday, Jul 2nd 11:23PM
  • The company has gone in a direction I do not want to follow.
Monday, Jul 1st 11:36PM
  • I can’t stand my boss. It’s not worth the stress.
Monday, Jul 1st 1:38PM


Female: 61%  Male: 39%


Income Levels


 Under $50,000               57%
 $50-000 – $100,000               32%
 Over $100,000               11%
Comments About Income:
  • At over $90k, the pay is decent, but it is way below what I can get elsewhere for similar, if not substantially less work, and probably in an area with a lower cost of living.
Tuesday, Jul 30th 7:07PM
  • I am in South africa. I earn R12300 per month. This is equivalent to $15073 per annum
Saturday, Jul 27th 7:17PM
  • £56k sterling
Thursday, Jul 25th 5:57PM
  • I work 67 hrs a week not including travel/ expenses. My salary is 40K.
Saturday, Jul 20th 4:44AM
  • My income is $10,000 per year.
Saturday, Jul 20th 3:10AM
  • I haven’t been treated properly nor have I been given proper raises
Friday, Jul 5th 11:15AM

The 10 Steps to Get Prepared to “Just Quit” – Are You Prepared to Just Quit?

The Below are in the Order of How Many People Have Completed That Step (most people are concerned about how this decision will impact their loved ones) Number Of Respondents who have completed  this step PERCENTAGE
  •  Thought About How This Decision Will Impact Your Family/Spouse/Children
               229         14.43%
  •  DECIDED to “Just Quit” – You May Not Know The Date, But You Have Made The Decision
               200         12.6%
  •  Thought About “The Story” You’ll Tell About “Just Quitting” (While Between Employment)
               184        11.59%
  •  Have a General Idea or Specific Plan About What You Really Want to Do (Without doing this you’ll probably get stuck again doing something that makes you miserable)
              183         11.53%
  •  Saved or Have Access to Enough Money for 6 Months for Basic Expenses
              178         11.22%
  •  Thought About How You Will Celebrate When You “Just Quit” – How Will You Feel That Day – What You’ll Do That Night & The Next Morning
              140         8.82%
  •  Completed A Spreadsheet To Find Out How Long You Can Go Without A Job
              132         8.32%
  •  Determined the Actual Date You Can “Just Quit” (This is Your “Just Quit” Date)
              128         8.07%
  •  Talked to Others Who Have “Just Quit”- Listened to Their Stories/What They Did (Note: You will not find many people who’ve had the courage to do this. Most people stay stuck or wait until they find another job.)
             108         6.81%
  •  Written Your Resignation Letter (You MUST do this and give proper notice. NO EXCEPTIONS.)
             105         6.62%

General Comments From July 2013 Respondents:

  • I did quit, extremely hard decision as for an uneducated individual, I made excellent money. It was the best paying, least satisfying job I have ever had..& BTW..I am 50..no degree & not many skills, but I had to do it for my sanity. I will be attending a 1 year course for nursing & hopefully, will find my passion.
Wednesday, Jul 31st  10:40AM
  • I have not performed a spreadsheet, but as long as I put my plan to buy a house on hold, I have enough money saved up to last me several years at my current spending rate, which should go down since I will not need to eat out for every meal. I don’t feel one is needed. One of my biggest hurdles is that I really don’t know what I want to do for my career anymore. I plan to take some of this time to try and figure it out. Being unmarried with no kids makes this a lot easier.
Tuesday, Jul 30th 7:07PM
  • I’m so glad I found this site! it’s nice to know that other people understand the urge and even the need to “just quit” instead of continuing to suffer while trying to find another job.
Tuesday, Jul 30th 5:52PM
  • Really enjoyed your blog. I just wrote my resignation letter and was feeling quite sad which I didn’t expect and for a second was having second thoughts thats how I came across this website. My mind is clear now I am going to quit and I have a copule ideas of directions I am going to pursue. Thank you
Sunday, Jul 21st 5:48PM
  • I feel of having no values, and advancement place.
Saturday, Jul 20th 3:10AM
  • I am just unhappy
Friday, Jul 5th 11:15AM
  • thank u
Thursday, Jul 4th 5:53AM