“This is ridiculously scary and I can’t believe I am considering making this a reality. BUT, there is also something very liberating and exciting about it, too. Big risks = big rewards, right?” Comment from Ohio on August 29th,  2013

Below are the results of the August 2013 “Just Quit” Your Job Survey


414 People Have Responded

38 Countries Around The World & 40 States in the U.S.A.

United States 256 62%
Canada 35 8%
United Kingdom 33 8%
Australia 19 5%
Singapore 14 3%
India 14 3%
Philippines 4 1%
South Africa 3 1%
Egypt 3 1%
Malaysia 3 1%
Malta 2 <1%
Hong Kong 2 <1%
Colombia 2 <1%
Belgium 2 <1%
New Zealand 1 <1%
Oman 1 <1%
Norway 1 <1%
Netherlands 1 <1%
Nigeria 1 <1%
Pakistan 1 <1%
Romania 1 <1%
Slovenia 1 <1%
Saudi Arabia 1 <1%
Russia 1 <1%
Sri Lanka 1 <1%
Venezuela 1 <1%
Bahrain 1 <1%
Bulgaria 1 <1%
Angola 1 <1%
Afghanistan 1 <1%
United Arab Emirates 1 <1%
Bahamas 1 <1%
China 1 <1%
Jordan 1 <1%
Finland 1 <1%
Spain 1 <1%
Denmark 1 <1%
Kuwait 1 <1%

State Count
California 37
New York 24
Ohio 16
Massachusetts 16
New Jersey 13
Illinois 11
Pennsylvania 11
North Carolina 11
Colorado 10
Virginia 9
Florida 9
Texas 9
District Of Columbia 7
Arizona 7
Connecticut 7
Tennessee 6
Minnesota 5
Oregon 4
Wisconsin 4
Washington 4
Indiana 4
Georgia 4
Iowa 4
Michigan 4
Maryland 3
Missouri 2
Nevada 1
New Hampshire 1
New Mexico 1
West Virginia 1
Nebraska 1
Utah 1
Oklahoma 1
Kansas 1
Alaska 1
Arkansas 1
Delaware 1
Louisiana 1
Maine 1


Reasons to “Just Quit”: (When you read these reasons please understand that people are in pain.  When you get to this point in your career it is very painful BUT extremely rewarding once you take the plunge.  You HAVE TO LET GO in order TO LET COME.)

  • I need time to consider the next steps free of the current job
Friday, Aug 30th 4:42PM
  • Extremely unhappy, feel like my job is meaningless. Way too worn out to do anything fun in my free time.
Friday, Aug 30th 4:20PM
  • Starting my own business.
Thursday, Aug 29th 10:22PM
  • 1) I am completely and utterly miserable in my corporate marketing job – big reason!
    2) My boyfriend and I have talked about it and can make it work. I will take some time off, head out west to visit some places where I could see us relocating when he finishes dermatology residency. He can’t wait to move! I’m more hesitant and this is a great time in my life to take some time away from the corporate grind and look to our future.
    3) I am a miser and have saved every penny for several years. AKA I have a healthy savings – and my boyfriend will cover our rent while I am “in transition”.
    4) I also have considered and have begun seeking out temp/short term contract marketing assignments. Just to keep my toe in the professional water – and, oh yeah, some money coming in!
    5) Did I mention how unhappy, unchallenged and unfulfilled I am in my current career?!? Yeah, that.
Thursday, Aug 29th 9:22PM
  • Awful
    Just need to get out, risk the 2 weeks notice to find something else
Thursday, Aug 29th 8:41PM
  • It is a dead end job.
    I hate my boss and my co-worker.
    I’m underpaid, because of the bad financial situation of the company. Buy it was worse than now when I came here, and I’ve been working hard and helping to improve. I feel like I’m subsidizin the company with my effort because I’m not paid fairly. And I’m young, free and ready for roaming the world looking for a better opportunity. (It would be hard to find something worse than my current job).
    My boss smokes in the offices – he is rude and dirty.
    The company’s organization is a mess.
    I’m sure that is not the job I want for my future life. Only thinking in being in the same job in 5 years from now and I think in suicide.
Thursday, Aug 29th 6:59PM
  • My boss is unorganized jerk he can’t pay us on time
Wednesday, Aug 28th 9:06PM
  • Major depression. Can’t imagine going another day doing what I’m doing and where I’m doing it. Burnt out. On the verge of a breakdown. Career providing zero satisfaction and not utilizing my talents and interests. I’m dead here
Wednesday, Aug 28th 3:58PM
  • To spend more time with my boys. To get away from my awful negative unfulfilling job.
Tuesday, Aug 27th 11:57PM
  • To go contracting
Tuesday, Aug 27th 1:04PM
  • I cannot stand my supervisor and the people I work with with very few exceptions. I feel what I do is absolutely meaningless and that I am on a never ending treadmill
Tuesday, Aug 27th 10:29AM
  • This is not what I was looking for; the learning and what I have in mind are totally different and currently Im in this job as it pays and I still have something to do each day showing up here. I am not inspired; Im not learning and I’m under performing. Its just a sad place to be each day.
Tuesday, Aug 27th 7:36AM
  • I am mentally and physically stressed and my job is the reason. I have gained 40 pounds since working there. I dread going to work everyday and get anxiety the day before I go to work after an off day. I no longer enjoy my job and am not comfortable there.
Tuesday, Aug 27th 12:05AM
  • Because i am unhappy
Monday, Aug 26th 11:17PM
  • Morale has really been down. That plus my boss has really been difficult to work with. It’s sucking the life out of me and people see that I’ve changed, that I’m a lot less joyful.
Sunday, Aug 25th 9:19PM
  • Im not happy i dont sleep anymore im angry a lot and all i think about is leaving the job im in. It affects my relationships and i feel out of place doing what I do.
Saturday, Aug 24th 11:43PM
  • It’s going no where there’s no development no recognition for my work my boss is sexist and a bully
Saturday, Aug 24th 5:26PM
  • sick of it
Saturday, Aug 24th 8:45AM
  • Low pay
    Bad company culture
    Lack of resources
    Ambiguous schedule
    Aren’t learning any skills
    My job requires lying
Friday, Aug 23rd 9:20PM
  • Stress
Friday, Aug 23rd 1:02PM
  • My company is not delivering the compensation promised even after talks and showing them legal regulations that they were breaking.
  • My client has the mentality of “Persist and Persevere” and has no desire to perform quality work.
  • My clients client does not know what they are managing or what they want. The tasks switch daily and they refuse to listen or understand the product they are asking to be delivered yet continually complain about the result.
  • I have not had a successful project since starting and have rebuilt projects multiple times to meet the clients needs that they themselves then declare are useless.
  • I don’t like my current industry and want to work on a project for the greater good of society.
Thursday, Aug 22nd 11:03PM
  • It has nothing to do with anything I am passionate about. It limits my skills. It has no growth potential. I hate it everyday. It is repetive. I can continue this list forever.
Thursday, Aug 22nd 10:52PM
  • I would like to start my own business. If I don’t quit without another job I know I won’t be able to devote 100%.
Thursday, Aug 22nd 9:10PM
  • Because I feel miserable every morning and every minute I spend in this office. Because I don’t believe in their corporate values, because I am constantly loaded with a huge amount of stress, because I am not listened to, because I am being lectured and patronised every day about how I shouldn’t get so stressed, my boss is making feel as if is only my fault that I take things so personally (may it is but this is the way I am). Because i can’t give a shit about what I am doing I am not passionate about it in the slightest and that is whay also I get so stressed about it probably. Because I can’t switch off properly when I am leaving the office, because when I come back from holidays an overwhelming feeling of anguish is pervading me, because I fell like I am wasting my time
Thursday, Aug 22nd 8:06AM
  • I wake up every day and wonder if this is all there is. I don’t believe I am doing the public any good. My company is purely driven by profit and I am not that type of person. I truly want to do something to better the world. My boss, though not a terrible person, byes into the corporate jargon. I care about people and all I do is determine who to cut. It is truly depressing.
Wednesday, Aug 21st 10:39PM
  • I take 400 out of savings each month to cover what my pay check doesn’t.
    My job has no future.
    My house needs repairs and I have the material.
    My house is too small for my family.
    I’m a veteran and I have a degree.
    I make 15.00/hr
Wednesday, Aug 21st 10:17PM
  • Having the time and motivation to work on side. Everyday it’s a drag to go in and boss doesn’t appreciate my work.
Wednesday, Aug 21st 9:22PM
  • Difficult working relationship with my boss and I’m under appreciated.
Wednesday, Aug 21st 6:53PM
  • Difficult working relationship with my boss and I’m under appreciated.
Wednesday, Aug 21st 6:53PM
  • Feel empty. Work seems meaningless and see no real future; at least, not a future that looks particularly appealing. I’m there solely for the paycheck.
Wednesday, Aug 21st 2:55PM
  • I am in anew job. And something is disturbing me. I am not getting sleep :-(. I am very confused on if I want to continue this and then for how long. I want a change in my career path. But not sure how I go about that :-).
Wednesday, Aug 21st 1:50PM
  • I have been in finance for 17 years and it has gone completely stale for me. I can’t stand sitting in front of a computer playing with Excel spreadsheets all day anymore. Every morning I’m sick to my stomach when I wake up and find it almost painful to do my tasks at work. I realize now that the business world is not for me.
Wednesday, Aug 21st 1:22PM
  • Stress is making me physically ill. Its is harming my personal relationships and causing my life to stagnate as I feel to paralyzed to make any important decisions in my life.
Wednesday, Aug 21st 12:49PM
  • Issues with the manager; really tired of the negative environment around, no thanks to my peers. Strong feeling of not getting where I need to
Tuesday, Aug 20th 4:06PM
  • I hate my job, I don’t get to do what I thought I would be doing, it feels like the role is moving me backwards in my career
Tuesday, Aug 20th 3:37PM
  • Everyday is a struggle. I cry and get anxiety thinking about coming in. I hate my boss and the work I do. It has all stress and no reward. I love working with people but not in this way.
Tuesday, Aug 20th 11:03AM
  • I’ve reached the point where Sunday’s are basically a count down to Monday mornings. I’m having anxiety and depressed about my job. I just can’t take it anymore.
Monday, Aug 19th 4:34PM
  • It makes me feel really depressed because I feel like I’m helping screwing people out of money. I also do not like any one I work with and feel that I can do a lot better in life than working there. It’s not where I want to be and not a field I would want to advance in.
Monday, Aug 19th 3:44PM
  • I have not been happy in my job for a long time but just did not have the money to quit. Every year at the end of the year I start to get that dreaded feeling I start having anxiety attacks when our busy time comes, but I have somehow muddled through. Always afraid of the decision and not having the money. My brother passed away recently and my way of thinking has changed and life is just to short to be skating by in a job that I don’t like. I am burned out I am tired of people yelling at me. I am tired of coming home completely exhausted and I want to do sleep. I am tired of being unhappy. Now that the financial issue is no longer an issue and I have the money to cover my bills I feel I can now do this.
Sunday, Aug 18th 11:17AM
  • Want to be my own.
Sunday, Aug 18th 6:30AM
  • Not professionally happy and feel undervalued in current role. Job no longer motivates me to work hard and contribute 100%. I also feel burnt out after 15 years of working at high speed and high demand environments. I have a decent bit of money saved up (enough for at least 4-6 months) and feel confident that I can tap my network for consulting opportunities to feel the gap in lomg term employment.
Sunday, Aug 18th 12:27AM
  • My boss drives me crazy.
    I cannot rely on anything she says.
    I cannot rely on hours or a paycheck.
    I have to be available 14 hours a day.
    I am never consulted about changes made to my schedule.
Saturday, Aug 17th 10:17PM
  • I’m over this one
    I’ve been there for two years
    It’s not in the field I want to end up in
    I can budget for a while and live ok
Saturday, Aug 17th 9:30PM
  • I strongly believe in not doing something you don’t enjoy or are not interested in at all. I want to start my own business and can’t because of my shitty job. I just want freedom.
Saturday, Aug 17th 3:02PM
  • I feel that my potential is being wasted and i am being relegated to a clerical job. In short, i am not satisfied with the job content and on top of it I am not clear of my future path.
Saturday, Aug 17th 9:37AM
  • because something in me is going to break so badly i wont be able to pull back up from it
Saturday, Aug 17th 6:51AM
  • Too depressing.
Friday, Aug 16th 11:47AM
  • My job is absoolute misery. I’m working in a field I don’t want to be in, with colleagues I don’t want to associate with & with a consdescending, joke of a manager. I want the freedom to pursue my interests with a focus on landing my dream career. I want to work for it as much as I want it to work for me.
Friday, Aug 16th 1:10AM
  • awful work condition
Wednesday, Aug 14th 2:41PM
  • I am stagnate. My current job no longer aligns with the steps I need to take to fulfill my goals and pursue life and happness, other than to pay my monthly bills. These bills are relatively small, as is my income. Most other jobs would fulfill this need. I have a long commute and work full time. I require to work+commute less hours to free up time for educational, business, and self improving pursuits; or find a job of any time commitment that aligns with these goals. Preferably, both. Alternatively, I may be able to structure a lifestyle where I educate myself and pursue my own business, without ‘working’ at all. Also know that I dislike my inconsistent commute, I may be fired any time anyway, my superiors are not competent, and I do not enjoy my repetitive job duties. I am not positively challenged in my job, and my job is a large percentage of my life, therefore I am living ‘comfortably’ but hardly living at all.
Wednesday, Aug 14th 2:18PM
  • Health reasons. Feeling trapped. Very unhappy. Just blew a chance at a job transfer.
Tuesday, Aug 13th 7:48PM
  • The volume of work is too high for one person therefore i do not have time to cross-train or learn other responsibilities. I’m not learning anything new and I’m sick and tired of doing the same crappy load of work day after day. I just can’t do it anymore.
Tuesday, Aug 13th 7:00PM
  • Stress
Tuesday, Aug 13th 6:38PM
  • I’m 23 and I feel as though I’m stuck in a dead-end job that has an amazing bonus structure but isn’t in any field that I’m remotely interested in. I have to have this job in order to pay down my overdraft but I intensely dislike the people I work with, I constantly feel patronised by my trainers and I feel that there should be more to my post-university life than this.
Tuesday, Aug 13th 3:16PM
  • Driving all over the state “trying” to see doctors whom I cannot see. Educational resources, that aren’t educational at all! Bored. Cannot call on hospitals, but that’s where we should be. Keep getting told, “change is coming.” Tired of having to deal with co-workers on the western side of the state who break compliance rules all the time and have asked me to do the same. Completely, undeniably, unethical!!
Tuesday, Aug 13th 1:47PM
  • Stress, find peace, figure out my passion, put my family and friends first
Tuesday, Aug 13th 1:32AM
  • I am depressed every day when I go to work. None of the tasks are challenging or interesting anymore. I do not feel my talents are used. The beaurocracy at a company this size impedes a lot of productivity. I can only bring myself to work maybe 1-2 hours per day, while spending the rest of my time job-hunting. I’m almost completely checked out. When I think of my commute (30 minutes – 1 hr, each way), I cringe. Nothing makes that time go by faster. If I see my boyfriend after work, I’m short and clearly unhappy. He and I have both noticed that when I have an interview or other promising job prospect, my mood heightens markedly.
Monday, Aug 12th 4:55PM
  • I’m not respected, this company isn’t my passion, i don’t like marketing, i just want to paint and create things
Monday, Aug 12th 4:24PM
  • Because I want to do what I am passionate about. My job is just a means of income which gives me no fulfillment, nor uses my gifts and talents. I want to offer programs in the community, open a business and write more books.
Monday, Aug 12th 3:36PM
  • because I need to focus on my and my education. I have spent a lot of time giving to work, training, picking up shifts, volunteering without receiving anything in return. It is time for me to focus on me and what I need.
Monday, Aug 12th 12:48PM
  • I’m not happy. It’s no longer satisfying or meaningful. Not feeling challenged. It’s discouraging and frustrating. I feel stuck. There are no more good days. I wonder what difference I’m making to those I’m supposedly helping and also it’s not making any good of a difference in my life. I am no longer challenged or feel there is any growth from this job.
Monday, Aug 12th 10:45AM
  • I am really depressed with my IT job.I feel really stressed everyday to go to job.I am in a position do or die state, if I dont perform well I would be fired.Better I would take a good decision to leave my job without having one lined up.This decision is mainly due to retain my self respect.
Monday, Aug 12th 4:01AM
Sunday, Aug 11th 3:30PM
  • I hate coming in every day, the people i work with are frustrated with the policies and low pay and half the time everyone is sighing and complaining. I had to reduce the amount of taxes taken out of my paycheck just to survive, and almost got fired for my lateness. I just don’t want to be there. I get an ache in the pit of my stomach thinking about going back after a peaceful two week vacation, helping customers and servicing others in retail is not a good fit for me, I need to be able to have downtime by myself to recharge, and all this job does is drain my energy. I am willing to take out money of my ira in order to survive for a few months in order to find a new job, hopefully transform my job into a career. I need some peace, and my intuition tells me to quit. I just landed a part time job with some earning potential, and I could focus on that and also finding a temp job during the day or landing interviews for a new one. The only thing I am worried about is insurance coverage.
Friday, Aug 9th 3:01PM
  • Yes.
Friday, Aug 9th 1:33PM
  • I am working in a career field that is not related to my degrees I have obtained. Was my first job out of college promising growth opportunities but the fields I want to work in have no growth so they have no available positions in the 5-6 years I’ve been here. I have gone back to school while working and need to take the leap to the career that makes me happy now that I’m done with my formal education. There is no job satisfaction where I work and even my supervisor doesn’t like the job. The plus is great benefits and a steady pay check. Fear has been holding me back. I tried quitting in January of 2013 and HR talked me out of it because I didn’t have another job lined up. It has been difficult to find a job in the field I want to be in while working because I have not had the time to build my creative portfolio and am drained of energy after work and the 1 hour to 1.5 hour commute home.
Friday, Aug 9th 10:41AM
  • Tons of work that is assigned on me. Too much expectation on me. I have been supporting all departments in our company. I am supporting external and internal customers. But nobody is supporting me on my own task.
Friday, Aug 9th 9:50AM
  • I hate going to work every day. I’ve become an awful, unhappy, rude, demotivated person that I don’t even like. I want to enjoy my life again without feeling sick all day every day.
Friday, Aug 9th 8:18AM
  • I want to start my business – the one that will make a real difference. In fact, it will be helping other people quit *their* jobs by starting a business. I’m a marketing expert, my jobs/clients have always been startups and people launching businesses without me even realizing – its what I’m meant to do. I just need to embrace it.
Thursday, Aug 8th 7:26PM
  • To experience freedom and to have the time to explore things that can
Thursday, Aug 8th 10:02AM
  • I’m feeling burnout, having to juggle my full time job and being a voice coach on weeknights and weekends to earn some extra income and keeping the passion of teaching going, and trying to spend remaining time I have with my sons and partner. It’s taking a toll on my health now. I’m also at the point where I don’t enjoy my work anymore. I want to quit my full time job and teach singing full time, so I can have time flexibility and the possibility to create wealth according to how hard and smart I work.
Wednesday, Aug 7th 10:28AM
  • Because I know that I certainly dont wish to do what i am currently doing. It feels very dry.
Wednesday, Aug 7th 10:16AM
  • It’s a dead end job and not learning anything anymore. getting fed up with the work and feels like im getting depressed everyday i go into work. Managers/senior managers are useless and don’t care about your career. To them its all about metrics and nothing else.
Tuesday, Aug 6th 5:23PM
  • dislike the job i do
Tuesday, Aug 6th 1:28PM
  • I work in sales for a great company with great people and had hoped to have a long association with them. For over a year, I was the entire marketing team because there was no-one else in the roles of marketing, sales & events and despite the burden of it all, I did a good job. I have worked long, hard hours, given 100% loyalty, continuously learn and have achieved well. A couple of months ago, they employed a new marketing manager who is a nice person but wants me to be his secretary and has taken away every aspect of sales from me and replaced it with mind-numbing admin ie typing up hundreds of lists – nothing else, just that. He micro-manages everything I do like I’m an imbecile and blatantly times me when I use the Ladies room – basically does everything in his power to make my working life as miserable as possible. I tried talking to him about this several times and even approached others higher up, no-one is interested.
    Promises that were made to me by the CEO about my future career have been broken. I’ve tried to make the best of it and tried to ‘manage’ my career but the situation is getting worse. I am constantly stressed and unhappy and for weeks have been actively looking for another job.
Tuesday, Aug 6th 11:21AM
  • It kills my soul.
Tuesday, Aug 6th 6:18AM
  • I am not suited for the role. The constant criticism has created lack of confidence and I feel it dipping everyday. I don’t like my boss even though I think he has done as much if not more for me to help me. Hard to find time to interview with other companies. The constant stress and hatred towards what i do is affecting my personal relationship. I have been a horrible girlfriend constantly whining and complaining
Tuesday, Aug 6th 5:47AM
  • Because i am MISERABLE. Suffering with depression. Scattered brained , young , lost , damaged , lonely , no goals , a fucking loser
Monday, Aug 5th 10:51PM
  • Because the job makes my soul shrivel into a tiny, angry, bitter little ball of cynicism, which is negatively affecting the rest of my life. It is a very unhealthy environment and a terrible way to spend so much of my time.
Monday, Aug 5th 8:58PM
  • My co workers sibgle me out. I feel like in stuck and going nowhere in life with this job.
Monday, Aug 5th 8:48PM
  • Too much stress
Monday, Aug 5th 8:39PM
  • I need a break to determine where my career will go next.
Monday, Aug 5th 6:47PM
  • terrible management
    body breaking job
    work life interfering with home life
Monday, Aug 5th 3:09PM
  • I feel that I lack motivation and I’m miserable working in the same place.
Monday, Aug 5th 1:22AM
  • dont like my manager
Sunday, Aug 4th 11:04PM
  • I’m stressed out
    Job is not interesting to me
    I don’t like the boss
    I’m not using my best talents
    Have feeling this is not what I was meant to do
    Not following my passions
Sunday, Aug 4th 2:20PM
  • I’m looking for better opportunity matching my Engineering background. In current job, I can’t excel the way I want to.
Sunday, Aug 4th 7:56AM
  • It’s affecting my family in a negative way.
Saturday, Aug 3rd 10:33AM
  • There is nothing in this job that I look forward to, neither the work nor the colleagues or the environment, there is nothing inspiring in it.
Saturday, Aug 3rd 1:02AM
  • i hate it. there is no opportunity for advancement. i get no support from the owners. feel like i am constantly stressed over what needs to be done and no one else cares.
Friday, Aug 2nd 10:05PM
  • Don’t like the way things are ran, the job tile is unclear.
Friday, Aug 2nd 8:17PM
  • Hostile environment, no chance to affect positive change.
Friday, Aug 2nd 2:57AM


Gender: Female: 60%  Male: 40%

Income Levels


 Under $50,000               56%
 $50-000 – $100,000               32%
 Over $100,000               12%




 Comments About Income:


$50,000 saved
 Friday, Aug 30th 4:20PM
  I have an MBA Thursday, Aug 29th 10:22PM
  Its just my wife and I. we dont need a whole lot of money. Saturday, Aug 24th 11:43PM
  32k/yr single parent of two teens. Wednesday, Aug 21st 10:17PM
  in pounds not $ Tuesday, Aug 20th 3:37PM
Peanuts Saturday, Aug 17th 10:17PM
I work part-time and I’m on under £10,000 Saturday, Aug 17th 3:02PM
  i am the mum and the breadwinner Saturday, Aug 17th 6:51AM
It’s the best paid job I’ve had to date. Friday, Aug 16th 1:10AM
  Have access to Tuition Reimbursement and OSAP funds. Monday, Aug 12th 12:48PM
My income is $45000. Friday, Aug 9th 9:50AM
Sgd Monday, Aug 5th 6:47PM
I am working in India and my current salary in Indian rupees lies in this bracket Saturday, Aug 3rd 1:02AM
  Money does not equal happiness. Friday, Aug 2nd 2:57AM


The 10 Steps to Get Prepared to “Just Quit” – Are You Prepared to Just Quit?

The Below are in the Order of How Many People Have Completed That Step (most people are concerned about how this decision will impact their loved ones)

Number Of Respondents who have completed  this step





  •  Thought About How This Decision Will Impact Your Family/Spouse/Children
               330         14%
  •  DECIDED to “Just Quit” – You May Not Know The Date, But You Have Made The Decision
               296         13%
  •  Thought About “The Story” You’ll Tell About “Just Quitting” (While Between Employment)
               270        12%
  •  Have a General Idea or Specific Plan About What You Really Want to Do (Without doing this you’ll probably get stuck again doing something that makes you miserable)
              273         12%
  •  Saved or Have Access to Enough Money for 6 Months for Basic Expenses
              259         11%
  •  Thought About How You Will Celebrate When You “Just Quit” – How Will You Feel That Day – What You’ll Do That Night & The Next Morning
              212         9%
  •  Completed A Spreadsheet To Find Out How Long You Can Go Without A Job
              194         8%
  •  Determined the Actual Date You Can “Just Quit” (This is Your “Just Quit” Date)
              191         8%
  •  Talked to Others Who Have “Just Quit”- Listened to Their Stories/What They Did (Note: You will not find many people who’ve had the courage to do this. Most people stay stuck or wait until they find another job.)
             151         6%
  •  Written Your Resignation Letter (You MUST do this and give proper notice. NO EXCEPTIONS.)
             151         6%


General Comments  – August 2013:

  • I have clients lined up waiting for me to help them, I keep putting them off because I do not have time, I’m too busy making 35,000 a year!
  • Thursday, Aug 29th 10:22PM
  • This is ridiculously scary and I can’t believe I am considering making this a reality. BUT, there is also something very liberating and exciting about it, too. Big risks = big rewards, right?
  • Thursday, Aug 29th 9:22PM
  • I’ve not tell anybody about my decision, and maybe because of the high rate of unemploiment in my country my friends and family won’t agree with my decission. I don’t know what I’m going to do in the future. But it’s my life and I’ve only one so I needn’t help to decide what I want for my present.
  • Thursday, Aug 29th 6:59PM
  • I’m also a single parent. I can’t be everywhere all the time. It’s wearing me out.
  • Tuesday, Aug 27th 11:57PM
  • I hate my Job!!
  • Saturday, Aug 24th 11:43PM
  • I have no job offers. I’ve sent out a ton of resumes in the wee hours of the night. Ive been to job fairs. I need a better resume, but thats it.
  • Wednesday, Aug 21st 10:17PM
  • I have a LLC set up and waiting and I continually wonder how i will ever be able to focus on my start up without pulling the trigger and JUST QUITTING.
  • Wednesday, Aug 21st 3:11PM
  • Is IT a trap  Just wondering 🙂
  • Wednesday, Aug 21st 1:50PM
  • Help!
  • Saturday, Aug 17th 6:51AM
  • My letter of resignation is pretty trivial. I don’t exactly have a meaningful career position in my company. I’ll whip up something like: Thank you for the opportunity. I am going on to pursue increased pay, benefits, and advancement opportunities. [My end date is().] I have thought about how my family will react, and I can’t be certain. I do have support from my sweetie, who may soon do the same thing. My company usually cuts a check and escorts employees out when they quit so notice is nearly moot. I like your walk on the beach. I do not hold a college degree and my job is too demanding on time to keep it, and fix that. So, I have to leave
  • Wednesday, Aug 14th 2:18PM
  • I am the major earner in my family–I have a husband and 2 minor children living at home, ages 17 and 10. This is hard because of health care needs, as well, but I’m 52 and would like to finally do what I enjoy. I’ve always seen myself as an entrepreneur, but my husband feels safer with me working. I feel like it’s time now for me to do what makes me fulfilled.
  • Monday, Aug 12th 3:36PM
  • I want to hand in my notice today. I made the decision over the weekend and spoke to superiors whose advice i respect.
  • Monday, Aug 12th 12:48PM
  • I have decided to quit my job with out having other job in hand as I feel very stressed.But I dont know whether this is a correct decision or not
  • Monday, Aug 12th 4:01AM
  • although I already resign and serving my 1 month notice. I’m still afraid of the consequences. I am still very busy to look for another job.
  • Friday, Aug 9th 9:50AM
  • I want to just quit, but we’re still recovering from the financial devastation of my husband losing his job in 2010. We have horrible credit, less than $100 in savings, and have only *not* been living with my inlaws for 9 months.I know it sounds crazy to want to quit, but this job is sucking the soul out of me. I want to pursue my dream and make a difference and spend more time with my family – my beautiful daughters – and I can’t.
  • Thursday, Aug 8th 7:26PM
  • I know that it is better to find another job before resigning from the current one but under the circumstances, if I stay, any reference I get from the company won’t have anything to do with sales, it will be about admin – that’s no good to me. My whole past career is in sales and marketing.
  • Also, if I’m not strong enough to walk away from this situation, then it looks as if I am accepting it, which I don’t.
  • As well as doing my own job searches, I have 3 agencies looking for work for me and one of them has plenty of temping work which I could do until I find another permanent position.
  • Tuesday, Aug 6th 11:21AM
  • Here goes!!
  • Monday, Aug 5th 8:58PM
  • Although I am not sure where life will take me after I quit, i am more concerned about the reaction from my father if I quit without having another job. At this point of time, I feel I have reached a dead end as far as my job is concerned, I see absolutely no future here.
  • Saturday, Aug 3rd 1:02AM