You may be having a bad morning, a bad week, or a bad year for that matter.

Don’t Give Up.

You may be depressed.  You may feel flat.  You may feel weak. You may feel like you can’t go on.

Don’t Give Up.

It might be hard.  You may feel hopeless.  You may not want to get out of the bed.

Don’t Give Up.

You have come this far.

You have endured so much.

You will make it through this time in your life.

Don’t Give Up.

Think back…you’ve been through tough times before.  You made it through.

You know this too shall pass.

 Just Don’t Give Up.

~Ridea Richardson

(Even if you have to find and paint a teeny tiny rock and write the words “Don’t Give Up” on it as a reminder…Just Keep Going, Things Will Work Out, There is a Plan, The Plan is Good, It’s Better Than You Think…Don’t Give Up…)