I received the below email yesterday and thought it easier to put it in a post for those who may be interested (please Be on TVfollow back up with us at Just Quit if you are casted and good luck):

My name is Kenya Brading, I am a Casting Assistant at Metal Flowers Media. We have cast TV shows including: Storage Wars, The Colony, One Man Army, Ice Road Truckers, The Hunt, Bar Rescue and Frontiermsmen. We are currently casting a show for a major cable network and I would greatly appreciate it if you could forward this email to your members. We are looking for people in high powered jobs who dream of leaving it all behind!
Applicants are welcome to call me directly at 424 262 0043 or email me at kenya@metalflowersmedia.com

READY TO START OVER? WANT A BRAND NEW LIFE? A major cable network presents a ground-breaking new series for people like you who want to live life on your own terms. If you dream of a new and better society, one where you rely on yourself and those around you to ensure it’s success, we want to hear from you.
We are looking for ambitious, motivated individuals who are resourceful under pressure and who have inherent leadership tendencies. We will be counting on you to prove that there is a better way. You’ll teach us that a greater civilization can be had by all. You’ll go off the grid, press the reset button on your life, and change the way we view our world.
If you are ready to start over, tap in to your personal ingenuity, and lead a new society to a better way of life, apply now by emailing us at casting@metalflowersmedia.com. For more information go to www.facebook.com/metalflowersmedia or log on to www.metalflowersmedia.com.