“Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.” ~ Rumi

For those of you who are in need of career counseling, and especially if you are at the end of your rope and thinking about quitting your job without another one please know that there is hope.

After looking for a while for a true professional career counselor who has years of experience in many environments and is able to actually give people the tools and guidance that they need to move forward I would like to recommend Sharon McCormick.  You can find out more about Sharon on her website at  Career Treasure .  

“Just Quit” Blog Vision

I remember when I first started planning this blog it was my grand vision to have resources for all of the “Just Quit” categories. Over this past year the blog has tended to focus on providing encouragement to people who feel stuck and depressed in their current jobs.  Although it’s been 10 years for me now since I quit my job without another one, I remember the feeling of KNOWING that NO ONE in my family or ANY of my friends REALLY understood how SERIOUS things had to have gotten for me to decide to “Just Quit” my job.

I understand the need to “Just Quit”.

I understand the toll you are under mentally and physically staying in your job


I also know that the job market worldwide has changed dramatically since the 2008 recession.  Just google “end of the middle class” and you will get tons of articles about how jobs are moving from full-time to part-time and that wages are stagnant.  Because of this I want to make sure that people are VERY clear about the “Just Quit” decision that they make BEFORE they make it.  I want to advocate for creating a plan, and even though it might seem impossible to save enough money to tide you over for six months still it’s important to have a “Just Quit” Saving Account.

To all of you hurting out there just know that there is hope

Please Don’t Give Up

Letting Go to Let Come is a Process

You may feel like all is lost, and your career and life is in ruin BUT sometimes it is only out of a ruin that you can find out –  who you are, what really matters and what you have to offer to the world. This is your time to shine.  This is a time for a new you to come through.

Sharon can properly help you to preserve both your physical and mental health during this difficult time.  It’s worth a try to finally develop a strategic career action plan so you can move forward.

Remember…There is Hope…THERE IS HOPE (period)