Rainbow and Rain

The moment you accept WHAT IS…is the moment the pain eases…it is the moment that things start to change.

Maybe WHAT IS…seems unfair

Maybe WHAT IS… seems like a waste of time

Maybe WHAT IS… seems like it should not be


You can fight it.  You can be depressed.  You can feel hopeless.

Hopeless: that is how it feels when you are stuck in a job that you hate, a relationship that’s unhealthy, a body that’s overweight, when you’re addicted to a substance, when your business plans don’t work out, when your spouse is cheating, when your kids are not doing well in school, and when your finances are a mess.

Depressed and Hopeless…BUT…there is a way to turn your depression and hopelessness around….right now and today. It’s called Acceptance.  Accepting yourself, your past,  your problems, your financial situation, your family life, your work status and even your resistance  to accepting things as they are right now.

Acceptance helps you to let go of HOLDING ON.

What are you HOLDING ON to?  You are holding on to what you WANT the present to be.  What you THINK should be your life, right now.  But it’s NOT your life right now and by not accepting WHAT IS you are missing out on YOUR LIFE…right now.

Once you wake up and realize that you can let go of resisting WHAT IS  (your life right now) and just accept it, then it frees your future to start to emerge. It ‘s a pause. It gets you out of wishing, hoping and even praying that your present circumstances (right now) will somehow MAGICALLY be something ELSE.

There is a saying that is almost like a mantra in Law Enforcement.  Sometimes I get tired of hearing it, but when I do it reminds me of the power of letting go.  The mantra is: “IT IS WHAT IT IS”  That’s how cops get through their tough jobs by accepting WHAT IS. hapiness

If you are depressed today.  If you want things to be different tomorrow, then you have to 1st accept WHAT IS and 2nd know that with acceptance it’s like a message that your mind, body and soul is giving the universe –that you trust it.  You trust the plan for your life.  You may not know the plan for your life, but you trust it. You trust that things are happening for your good or your learning or both. You trust the timing.  You trust that things will change. Things will get better.

The rain will end.

Things will change. Things ALWAYS change…don’t hold up the progress by your resistance to WHAT IS…it just keeps you stuck longer than necessary…instead…

Choose Happiness (even while it’s raining).