brushes paint

Go ahead, struggle through it. Pick up the pen already and put it to the page and stop whining. Write.

Pick up the brush and be mean to yourself for a change. Paint.

Dancers, put on the loose chemise, tie the ribbons in your hair,
at your waist, or on your ankles and tell the body to take it from there. Dance.

Actress, playwright, poet, musician, or any other. Generally, just stop talking, Don’t say one more word unless you’re a singer.

Shut yourself in a room with a ceiling or in a clearing under the sky.

Do your art.

Generally, a thing cannot freeze if it is moving.

So move.

Keep moving.

          ~ Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Poster Pencils

The above picture is of the pencils that were on Frank Lloyd Wrights’ (the famous architect) desk when he died at 91 years old. He kept moving…he kept growing… through the ups and downs of his life (and there were MANY) he KEPT creating what was in him to create.

What are YOU waiting for?

It’s time to create what is in YOU to create (even if that is just to dust yourself off and re-create YOURSELF). GET UP and MOVE….and Keep Moving until you can move no  more…and don’t worry about “failure”…remember this is YOUR life…you have to do what YOU are passionate about…what YOU value…what represents YOUR gifts and highest skills…or else –  WHAT’S THE POINT???