You are reading from the book  “Just Quit” & Live

Today’s Workplace Story/Situation:

I am depressed every day when I go to work. None of the tasks are challenging or interesting anymore. I do not feel my talents are used. The bureaucracy at a company this size impedes a lot of productivity. I can only bring myself to work maybe 1-2 hours per day, while spending the rest of my time job-hunting. I’m almost completely checked out.

When I think of my commute (30 minutes – 1 hour, each way), I cringe. Nothing makes that time go by faster. If I see my boyfriend after work, I’m short and clearly unhappy. He and I have both noticed that when I have an interview or other promising job prospect, my mood heightens markedly.

~Worker from TENNESSEE 

checking in

Today’s Meditation/Reflection:

We know when we are checked out and are not plugged in. We feel totally lost. We’re wondering HOW did we get here.  We can continue to go ‘round and ‘round trying to find answers, but maybe there aren’t many answers. We are just checked out. We need to check in somewhere else and do something else.

If you’re looking for another job, just keep looking. Something will break… eventually. Everything happens at the right time… just wait. ~Ridea