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Today’s Workplace Story/Situation:

Having held the positions of CEO and VP in other charities, I can see the potential of (and the very real efficiencies to be had at) my current employer.  Sadly there is the lack of will to change anything. It is impossible for me to forge funding partnerships with the knowledge that we can’t deliver on our commitments. The environment is demoralizing and ridiculous, not even pretending to operate as the guardian of public donations. It’s embarrassing and I have no confidence here.  ~Worker in CANADA 


values flow

Today’s Meditation/Reflection:

Once we find ourselves in the situation where our promises and our reputations are on the line all of our dealing and actions become measured from that point on. 

There is this almost invisible line that you can cross.  It happens seemingly in an instant, with one deal, one handshake, one piece of paper that they want you to sign, or one broken promise  –  you realize that you just-can’t-do-it-anymore.

You can’t work at a place that affronts your values, and does not have a culture of doing what you feel is ethical and right. That’s one decision…you can’t do this anymore.  The other decision is deciding HOW long you HAVE to stay and how you are going to do your job until you can leave; because you KNOW you HAVE to leave.

From “Just Quit” & Live by Ridea Richardson ©2014.  All rights reserved. 

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