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“Just Quit” & Live

Q: Why do you want to quit your job EVEN if you don’t have another job lined-up?

A: I need head space. There is no work/life balance possible.

~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM


Our minds are always thinking. Yes, we can meditate and stop the thinking mind and we should cultivate meditation into our journey.  It only helps the process. However, we can’t stay and live on a meditation cushion. We have to live our lives.  We have to work our jobs.

If we see our lives, right now, today as a meditation then we can have the head space that we need to figure things out…not by thinking… but by doing.

Make your everyday activities a meditation.

Really see people and listen to them. Walk when you are walking. Drive when you are driving.

Every time your mind goes into that nonsense of jumping around to this thing and that thing…go back to paying attention to faces, people, the sky, the trees, the birds, or whatever you are doing. It will bring today alive and you will be amazed at the clarity you will get, even while you are still in your crappy job.

Just pay attention to what is happening in your life today.

Just for today.

From “Just Quit” & Live by Ridea Richardson ©2014.  All rights reserved.

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