“Just Quit” & Live the Book is finally here.

I wrote this book so that people would know that they are not alone and are not crazy.

The book includes stories from those who stumbled on this blog and completed the survey. We now  have over 2,100 entries from  76 countries from around the world.  Many situations and stories  are very heart-wrenching. Workers answered the question:

“Why do you want to quit your job EVEN if you don’t have another one lined-up?”

 Additionally, I will begin posting  daily with the entries from the book.

Below is today’s entry, location and meditation:

Happiness                                                                                  May 11

I have been at a career for 10 years that causes me a lot of anxiety and turmoil. I have tried different areas within the same career and have finally realized I am not well fitted for this career. I am unhappy and it affects my health and my personal relationships. No job is worth ruining your personal relationships or your health. I want to learn new skills and be in a different more fitting field for me, but I am obsessing with having to spend one more day at my current career I cannot even think about anything else.

I have small children that require care, and we have no other family support. My current job doesn’t give me enough hours to pay for day care, and my hours are so crazy that no day care is open at those times. I do have a husband and he is supportive of this decision and encourages me to find something that makes me happy so that my career unhappiness doesn’t bleed into our lives and make him unhappy too. 

~Worker Living in TEXAS

Today’s Meditation:

Today just say: “I want happiness. If happiness exists; then I want to be happy. Please, God/Higher Power help me to find happiness in my career.  Help guide me in the direction of what will make me happy.   Please.  I just want to be happy.” ~ Ridea