You are reading from the book  Just Quit” & Live

Q: Why do you want to quit your job EVEN if you don’t have another job lined-up?

I need time off, to redefine myself, to focus on education in the field, to volunteer, and make room for a new opportunity that is more aligned to my interests. I am hoping to find a similar role in a much smaller, slower paced environment, so there is a better work life balance.  I am suffering from anxiety and taking medication to make it through the week now.  I want to get back to healthy.

~Worker Living in NEW JERSEY



If we know what we want, it is already there waiting for us. 

We have to know what we want or we will miss it if it shows up. 

What do you want?

Set your next career goal.  Just clearly set what role you want to play and on what field. No matter what, eventually you are going to have to set sail for that new destination…it’s just a matter of time.