You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live 

Q: Why do you want to quit your job EVEN if you don’t have another job lined-up?

My job is monotonous. I do research for a financial firm and have very little to do every day, but the small amount of responsibility I have affects millions of dollars’ worth of stock. 90% of the time I’m bored out of my mind and the other 10% of the time I’m stressed out like no one would believe. 

My boss does not deliver any insight or constructive criticism to his employees except for once a year during 20 minute personal evaluations.

I am also on a team and have been harassed for the past 3-4 years by two women. My teammates talk loudly within earshot of my office about how strange my personality is, how I don’t fit the corporate culture (wealthy with yachts and large families), how I’m too risky with my decisions at work, how my hair looks, etc. I’ve been repeatedly followed to the bathroom by a co-worker who told another teammate she “just wants to see what [I’ll] do.”

I’ve complained to human resources and have been told that I can file paperwork for harassment, but in all likelihood I would be fired instead of my co-workers for “rocking the boat.” I feel like my job has very little purpose and the only thing I accomplish by going into work is being the subject of harassment.

~Worker Living in CONNECTICUT



Today, I will deal with any bullies at work, even if that bully is my boss. 

How I deal with it is up to me. 

I might not confront them directly, but I will deal with it. 

If they have been bullying me for years then obviously what I am doing isn’t working, so I need to do something different.

We aren’t kids anymore, but workplace emotional bullying hurts just as much as when we were kids in junior, middle and high school. But we aren’t kids. We can take care of ourselves.  We can make adult decisions. We can deal with these workplace bullies. 

~Ridea Richardson