You are reading from the book  Just Quit” & Live 

Q: Why do you want to quit your job EVEN if you don’t have another job lined-up?

I’m over this job.  I’ve been here for two years. It’s not in the field I want to end up in. I can budget for a while and live ok. 

~Worker Living in AUSTRALIA


Today’s Meditation:

Today, Work Step 2 – Dealing with Finances.

Start your spreadsheet, review your spreadsheet, move some money from checking to savings, figure out how much money you have on credit cards, look at your 401K statement, figure out what you can live without…today work on Step 2…EVEN if you have a mountain of debt.


Working on Step 2 is a crucial step in your “Just Quit” plan.

Most people STAY stuck or go from job-to-job-to job because they never buckle down and save or get access to six months of basic expenses.  YOU CAN DO THIS.  I did it and YOU CAN DO IT TOO.

One of the greatest lessons I learned from one of my mentors (he happened to be a wealthy self-made millionaire — so those type of folks you listen to because they did something that worked)…his advice: ALWAYS keep $100 in your wallet. He said you should do this because you will NEVER feel broke. I’ve realized over the years that it will attract like energy…money energy. It even worked for me as late as yesterday. When I went to the mailbox I opened an envelope…inside…an unexpected check.

If you want to get started on working Step 2 just start with that $100.  Keep it in your wallet or purse.  DO NOT SPEND IT, just keep it there.

What if you don’t have $100?  Well, starting this weekend EVERYTIME you begin to spend even a dollar on something that is NOT a necessity, don’t do it.  Find a hiding place in your wallet to put this “extra” money until you get to $100.

Focus on keeping $100 in your wallet… then watch as the magic starts to happen.

Also, here is a good book on how money is just energy.