You are reading from the book  “Just Quit” & Live 

Q: Why do you want to quit your job EVEN if you don’t have another job lined-up?

I feel so trapped. No matter what opportunity comes along I know that I have to endure the hectic schedule of a call center. I would love to develop myself in other areas.

 I am unhappy.

 I am either anxious or upset and it is taking its toll on me…this is the second mental health day this month. Sometimes it is not as busy but I am truly unhappy.

~Worker Living in NORTH CAROLINA

 Mental Health

Today’s Meditation:

 We’ve all done it or wanted to do it…take a mental health day.  Just take a day off to re-group. Take a day off to get a break from the place.

 One day here and there is okay; but we know how it goes…now it’s almost EVERY WORKDAY we wake up and we want to take a mental health day.

 If you are so lucky to have days that you can take as mental health days; then use those days to improve your mental health…rhythmically breathe, walk, go out into nature, meditate, eat healthy foods, contemplate, do art, or do something creative…take your mental health day and make it yours. Try not to worry about tomorrow and the fact you’ll have to go back to work…just use that one mental health day to its fullness.


Even if you don’t take an entire day to work on your mental health…for a few minutes today do something that brings you joy, makes you smile, let’s you know you are alive and everything will be okay.  Just do one thing today from your list you created on Jan. 1.