I have been working hard with very few breaks since I was 15.

In the last several years, I have been trying to shoe-horn my life into my job rather than the other way around.

All the travel and long hours are making it impossible to focus on things that are more important to me.

My health is suffering.

Physically, I am unable to consistently make time to work out; I eat out for almost every meal; do not get enough sleep; have an inconsistent schedule; and I haven’t been to the doctor in years.

Mentally, I am affected by the sleep, schedule, and stress. I have difficulty focusing on my job and have lost most of my passion for it. I do not feel that I am learning or that I am in charge of my life inside or outside of work.

I am constantly near the boiling point and get angry very easily when I feel that my company has done anything to negatively impact my life again.

My work has become boring and repetitive, and it forces me to skip many activities that I enjoy, even when they are after normal business hours and all my friends can make it. The job is significantly hindering all my relationships. It is difficult to maintain existing friendships, let alone make new ones. I am not able to spend time with family – including my roommate – anywhere near as often as I’d like. The relationship with my girlfriend is also suffering from undue stress due to all the travel and time spent forced apart.  On top of all this, I am paid less than employees at other companies with comparable skills and experience that work fewer hours with little to no travel.  

~Worker Living in VIRGINIA


Today, if I am trying to “shoe-horn my life into my job” I will recognize how it is hurting my health, relationships and what matters to me.

I will just recognize it because until I recognize it and look at it for what it is, I won’t think I can change it…but I can and I must…I need a job that fits my life.

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