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Q: Why do you want to quit your job EVEN if you don’t have another job lined-up?

Taking Control of Our Careers – July 7

It’s a dead-end job and I’m not learning anything anymore. I’m getting fed up with the work and it feels like I’m getting depressed every day I go into work.

The Managers/Senior Managers are useless and don’t care about your career. To them it’s all about metrics and nothing else.

~ Worker Living in CANADA


Businesses are, well, businesses.

They are in business to make money. 

Managers are, well, managers.

They are there not only to manage you, but themselves and the business.

You have to care about your own career.

Maybe you can find a mentor, maybe not.

At the end of the day it’s your career and you have to take control of it.

No excuses. 

Today, just take action.