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Q: Why do you want to quit your job EVEN if you don’t have another job lined-up? 

Overcoming Fear – July 2

 I am working in a career field that is not related to my degrees I have obtained. It was my first job out of college promising growth opportunities. 

The field I want to work in has no growth so they have not had available positions in the 5-6 years I’ve been here.

I have gone back to school while working and need to take the leap to the career that makes me happy now that I’m done with my formal education. There is no job satisfaction where I work and even my supervisor doesn’t like the job. The plus is great benefits and a steady pay check.

Fear has been holding me back.

I tried quitting in January of 2013 and HR talked me out of it because I didn’t have another job lined up.

It has been difficult to find a job in the field I want to be in while working because I have not had the time to build my creative portfolio and I am drained of energy after work and the 1 hour to 1.5 hour commute home. 

~Worker Living in FLORIDA


Drop every fear and doubt

Fear will hold us back.

Fear is a real dream snatcher as is doubt. 

The thing is….everyone knows what fear feels like…everyone knows what doubt feels like…they are both just feelings…don’t let them hold you back from pursing your dreams…just don’t pay that much attention to fear or doubt… get prepared and go for it.