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Q: Why do you want to quit your job EVEN if you don’t have another job lined-up?

Experience Along the Journey – July 8

I work in sales for a great company with great people and had hoped to have a long association with them. For over a year, I was the entire marketing team because there was no-one else in the roles of marketing, sales & events and despite the burden of it all, I did a good job. I have worked long, hard hours, given 100% loyalty, continuously learning and have achieved well.

A couple of months ago, they employed a new marketing manager who is a nice person but wants me to be his secretary and has taken away every aspect of sales from me and replaced it with mind-numbing admin i.e. typing up hundreds of lists – nothing else, just that.

He micro-manages everything I do like I’m an imbecile and blatantly times me when I use the lady’s room. Basically he does everything in his power to make my working life as miserable as possible. I tried talking to him about this several times and even approached other higher up, no-one is interested.

Promises that were made to me by the CEO about my future career have been broken. I’ve tried to make the best of it and tried to ‘manage’ my career but the situation is getting worse. I am constantly stressed and unhappy and for weeks have been actively looking for another job.

~ Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM

Secret of Change

Sometimes we are in work situations where we feel used.

We feel like we have performed well, and we did, but we didn’t get the recognition or the promotion. 

We were overlooked. We were mistreated.

Count it as experience.  Count it as a catalyst.  Count it as information.

Experience, a catalyst and information about what you need to do next.

Just use it to propel you forward in the right direction for your journey.


Once you have made the decision to “Just Quit” start focusing all of your energy on what is to come. Watch what happens…you’re in control and excited as you move towards “letting come”…