In addition to providing no challenge, or fulfillment — my current job is completely unrelated to my personal interests and values.

I fell into the position because it paid very well and came with a certain degree of prestige, but I’ve never truly been interested in the work, or the industry and I’ve been looking for a way out since I hit the three-month mark (I’m currently a week shy of two years).

I’m not able to use my natural strengths, and I am 100% confident that this job is in no way related to my true purpose.

I can also no longer tolerate working with my manager or as part of a “corporate” culture.

~Worker Living in NEW YORK 

Decide What To Be

We know.

We know when we don’t fit.

No amount of money or prestige can hold us when we already know.

Just because we “fell into a profession” doesn’t mean a thing.

You are not stuck there.

You can change it.

Today, start moving towards your personal interests and values.

Don’t wait until tomorrow, start TODAY.

Your true purpose in life will only unfold when you let go of what is not working.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live