Being at a job for over 19 months that I didn’t go to school for is more than enough.

I need to gain experience and have an interest in what I am doing.

I don’t enjoy the majority of the people I work with.

My boss is an ogre who leaves for hours at a time only to give me minimal instruction or support.

I don’t have any benefits and the only thing that keeps me there is the pay which is higher than most jobs for people my age.

~Worker Living in PENNSYLVANIA

How to Leave

While we are on the job today we need to recognize that there is someone always watching.

Just like you are watching your boss and their actions someone somewhere is watching you.

Even if you are miserable, even if you are looking for another job, even if you say: “I don’t care.”; still think about your legacy after you are gone…and one day you will be gone…what will they remember about you?

What type of legacy will you leave there? These are just questions to consider.

It does matter how we leave a place.

We need to leave with integrity.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live