Step 3 – July 10

My current job and boss are making me feel so miserable and useless.

It is a small company (three people), and having just moved countries it’s important to have human contact and meet new people.

I can literally go eight hours having only spoken to just my boss. He puts me down, asks me inappropriate questions or makes comments which are unethical.

He’s totally under paying me, does not know how to manage people or work and thinks that everyone he works with or for is useless.

Most nights I come home and cry, which is obviously affecting my relationship with my partner and my unhappiness is stopping me from going out there and meeting new people and having fun.

~ Worker Living in AUSTRALIA

If you can't find someone to listen to you...then be silent...

Today, I will find one person in my life that I trust that I can talk to about my situation.

I will share with them what is going on at work.

I just need to get it out; hear myself talk about it.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live


If you can’t find someone to LISTEN to you…then be SILENT…(hint: that means you’ll have to learn how to quiet the noisy chattering mind). Meditation Works.  There is a quiet place inside of you that will give you the peace, space and “knowingness” that you are looking for. 

It’s unfortunate, but true, that your family and friends may not understand your situation and talking to them might make it worse when they tell you: “it can’t be that bad”; when you know it is THAT bad.  

So, today find someone you trust to talk to or take 5 minutes to quiet your mind and be silent.