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Q: Why do you want to quit your job EVEN if you don’t have another job lined-up?

 Making Our List – July 3

 **Things I Hate About My Job**

1.) I hate how I have to cover everyone else’s time off when I can’t ever seem to get enough for myself.

2.) I hate sleeping all day and working all night.

3.) I hate the wannabe military atmosphere that permeates here.

4.) I’m sick of the facility—all stairs, being hot, being cold.

5.) I really hate the stupid heavy boots that I have to wear. My ankles are in serious pain every day.

6.) I hate most of my co-workers with their military wannabe attitudes and the supervisors who all look like they were the nerds in school and are taking out their past torture on everyone.

7.) I hate hearing about how great we have it here and how we are all lucky to even have a job—would you tell an abused woman that she is at least lucky to have a boyfriend?

8.) I hate how my vacation was accepted then denied a week before I was supposed to leave.

9.) I hate stairs.

10.) I hate the loud obnoxious alarm testing I have to do every night.

11.) I hate having to work 12 days straight without a day off, then get one, then work another 6 straight.

12.) I hate working 12 hour shifts whenever they tell me to.

13.) I hate my supervisor’s ridiculously serious attitude about the job—it really isn’t that serious and the way you let them treat you is undignified.

14.) I hate sitting in a quiet office with nothing to accomplish other than the occasional mouse click.

15.) I hate how condescending the management and employees are.

16.) I hate how the job has taken over my thoughts even outside of work.

17.) I am tired of the stomach aches and pains, the headaches, the back pain, the depression, the mood swings, all because of this job.

18.) I hate how there is a “click” of co-workers/supervisors that always get time off, and I don’t—on top of that they always somehow get rewards for good performance…

19.) I hate the shitty computer systems we are stuck with.

20.) I hate the following words: Sir (most hated word), Captain, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Egress, CSO, SOPs, Sierra, Alpha, Egg, Mat.

21.) I hate how we have to wear a one piece jumpsuit and how my underwear rides up my ass constantly all shift.

22.) I hate how when I leave in the morning, I have to be back the same friggin day.

23.) I hate third shift and what it has done to my complexion and weight.

~Worker Living in CONNECTICUT



Have you made YOUR “Just Quit” list to help you make the decision?

Make your list today, or review your list today. 


When you even consider the thought of Just Quitting your job without another one; do not EXPECT most people to understand.   Not your parents, not your spouse, not your children, not even fellow workers who are also miserable in their jobs. 

EXPECT your family and friends to think you are crazy and are making a big mistake to even consider quitting without another job (especially in this economy).  

Consider that to be the normal reaction

…BUT…YOU know what you are going through in this job.  

They really CAN’T know, because they are not having your experience

…AND…you are having this experience for A REASON.

Maybe the reason is to get you to move towards your life’s work (finally).

Just remember you are not alone….others are thinking like you are…

BE smart and work the “Just Quit” Steps so you can strategically plan your exit.

“Just Quit” is not a rash decision…it is carefully planned

(yes, you might be depressed right now, but once you take control of your career and realize that you really are not stuck, the dark clouds of depression start to fade.)