I studied very hard thinking that I would live a good life after I graduated, but I think I’m the most unhappy person. I hate this place. I don’t care about my job anymore.

I feel like this is punishment for something terrible that I did.

I am a lot happier when I’m at home, with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. I’m happy even when I’m in class and doing everything else outside of my job. My job is tiring and makes me feel sick and the worst thing is the night shift. I feel like crying like a baby when I have to come to work at night. I want to start a business outside of my career. I want to do something that will make me feel good. I want to study further. I am not proud to tell people about my job because I feel that it is stupid.  I complain to everyone and they seem to think that I don’t know what I want.

I want to relax and have fun for a while, take a holiday.

I’m just tired, so tired that I can’t even take care of myself anymore. I can’t dress up to look good anymore. I don’t even do my hair anymore. My body is always tired and I’m gaining weight because of the stress making me eat and sleep.


good life

Today, we will KNOW that things will change.

One day we will be able to live the good life that we have imagined.

When we do we will reach back.We will remember what we went through. We will remember this time of needing encouragement to make it through the day and we will encourage others with our story.

We will make it.

We WILL make it.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live


Above is a recent interview with Billionaire Google co-founder Larry Page. Around the 20 minute mark they are talking about the unemployment situation in the U.K.  Larry Page offers a solution  – for people to work fewer hours and spend more time with family and on their own interests.

Think about that.  

You have to imagine that Google’s work with robots has something to do with his proposed solution. Couple that with the talk about a guaranteed income in Switzerland and we might be hearing what the future looks like for the working world.  Less work hours for PEOPLE and more free time to live.  What that will mean is that PEOPLE will be able to pursue their own interests (Live the Good Life) and create their own “jobs” based on those interests (again, The Good Life). So, at a minimum we need to know our interests.  It seems like a simple thing to KNOW…except that most people are so miserable in their current jobs that they can’t imagine the good life.

Today visualize the good life.

Just put a picture in your head of what the good life will be for you and your family. Maybe the way of the struggle worklife is coming to an end and those googling “quit my job without another one” are ahead of 80% of the rest of the working population.


What if this IS the future and work and you miss the boat by sitting there miserable in a job that you hate, not skilling up and moving toward what interests you?

Some risks are worth taking.