You Are Not A Loser – July 9


I am suffering with depression.

I’m scattered brained, young, lost, damaged, lonely, no goals and a f*cking loser.

~ Worker Living in MICHIGAN


No, you are not a loser.

If you are young; and even if you aren’t young; if you have contemplated quitting (even if you don’t have another job lined up) you are WAY ahead of the majority of the people.

Most people stay stuck or move from job-to-job-to-job and don’t do anything in life that they want to do. So, you are far from a loser.

You are just waking up.

You are finally waking up to know that there is more to life than working a job that makes you miserable.

You are waking up to the real possibility that one morning you will wake up and WANT to get out of bed so you can make your contribution to the world. 

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live