I psychologically can’t handle working with sales.

The downs in sales, makes me feel worthless.

~Worker Living in DENMARK

Sell Yourself

Today, I will work on my sales pitch for MYSELF.

A sales pitch for an idea that I have, a book I want to promote, a cause I’m passionate about, my art, my music, my next interview, my whatever…I will sell myself…even if it is only to myself.

We are all sales people.

We are not worthless.

We all have value.

We have something to offer to the world and we need to offer it up.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

Today’s Workplace Entry is from Denmark:

  • Language: Danish
  • Currency: Danish Kroner
  • Viking Country – for about 400 years Viking longboats were feared across Europe and Denmark was Europe’s superpower.
  • Lego’s were invented here.
  • Copenhagen is famous for being a bike city