I’m stressed to the point of being sick.

I’m undervalued.

I’m overwhelmed with feeling of being out of my depth.

I’m in the wrong company –it’s small, there’s no structure and no support.  I feel ignored.  I don’t know what’s needed of me. I feel isolated. I clock watch, and time drags.

There is the fear of failure. The money is poor (it’s half what I was earning five years ago). There are longer than usual hours and I’m unusually tired.

~Worker Living in the UNITED KINGDOM


Today, take every single thing that is WRONG with your job and make it RIGHT. 

How do you make it right you might ask?

Accept it.

Just accept it is what it is.  This is the way it is… for you right now… working at this place.

Yep, somehow you ended up here and this is how it is.  You have to FIRST accept it is this way… before you can move forward.

Guess What? Maybe it IS this way so you CAN move forward.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live