The job I have is making me sick, physically sick just thinking about being there makes me ill.

It’s where hard work is ignored and politics are constantly at play.

It’s a place that discourages development and growth of its team and encourages “top down” mechanics under the guise of being a company run on new age defining principles.

It’s a place where I feel creatively stifled even though I have a creative role.

I have no desire to work within the field I’m in anymore and there is so much more to life that I have true interest in.

~Worker Living in CALIFORNIA


In many of the “Just Quit” Steps we have the opportunity to be creative.

Go back to the Steps and think creatively.

You will be amazed at what happens.

You will almost forget all about the crap that is going on at work.

You might even be grateful for it all. Grateful that it has brought you to this point.

The more creative you are working the Steps the more excited you will become at the endless possibilities of the way forward.

Get creative when you work the Steps.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live