My boss hates me.

I am de-motivated.

I feel too stressed to sleep.

~Worker Living in JAPAN


It doesn’t matter where you live; a sleepless night in Japan or in Seattle is still a sleepless night.

If you can’t sleep then your body is trying to get the message to you: ”I’m under stress. I need for you to make a change in your life, and  listen to me.” 

Being too stressed to sleep is a wake-up call you need to heed.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

Today’s Workplace Situation Comes From Japan:

  • It is in Asia
  • Official Language: Japanese
  • Currency is Yen
  • Sushi is a favorite food
  • Mt. Fuji is a famous snow-capped volcano that last erupted in 1707
  • Tokyo is the world’s most populated city  ~13 million
  • Japanese train stations have “pushers” during rush hour. So many workers cram into the trains they need to push them in order to shut the doors.