Because no one takes me seriously there.

I can’t stand to go into work.

I’m getting to that point where I’d rather die.

If I quit, and I don’t make it work for whatever reason, I’m fine with just dying. I hate my life as it stands now.

~Worker Living in TEXAS

Don’t Give Up.breathe it will be ok

Seek help if you need to.

Just Don’t Give Up. 

You will make it through this.

Please Don’t Give Up.


It was entries like the above that compelled me to write the book.  It is a real live person who typed this into a computer or cell phone screen.  These are not just words to me.  They shouldn’t be just words to anyone reading them.  This is what workplace pain looks, sounds and feels like.  

This is about life and living.  

Just know if you are going through this today that you are NOT alone. Many, many, many, MANY people are no longer willing to settle for “settling”.  

I have a recommendation for those suffering…tomorrow morning when you wake up…the first thing when you open your eyes say the below:

Waking up this morning

I smile.

24 brand new hours

are before me.

I vow to live fully

 in each moment

and to look at all beings

with eyes of compassion.

 ~ That is a quote from Thich Nhat Hanh.  

When you recite this make SURE that you put a smile on your face (yes, yes, yes, I know this might seem hard to even think of doing…but give it a try). All will be well…don’t give up…you WILL make it through this.