I want to change career fields and staying at my current position; which is so demanding and not enjoyable; I hardly can find time to pursue my interests in the new career field. 

I’m trying my best but staying at my current job is just not an option anymore.

~Worker Living in SLOVENIA


Once we KNOW we can eliminate the option of staying at our current job then we are more than half way there.

Even though making the DECISION to “Just Quit” is only one Step it is the most important Step.

  Until you make that DECISION nothing happens. You stay stuck.

Once you make that decision things will open up…ideas, your mind, doors, support, new opportunities, peace, the way you see your current job…being able to eliminate the option of staying is a big step.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

Today’s Worker Lives In Slovenia

  • It’s in Europe
  • Official Language – Slovenian
  • Currency: Euros
  • Land of caves and forest (lots of forest…half the country is forest), brown bears, horses, and traffic jams of tractors (it has more tractors per person than any other country)
  • Slovenians eat Dormice
  • Has the Worlds Oldest Grape Vine – 400 years old