This job doesn’t interest me.

The field doesn’t interest me.

I don’t see myself anymore with this company.

My work life balance is completely out of whack. I live in one country and my wife and kids in another. 

I can’t sleep at all!

I am stressed, spaced out and miserably down all the time.

I lost my faith in myself.

~Worker Living in the NETHERLANDS


Some of us have lost faith in ourselves. 

Lost faith in our abilities. 

Lost faith in our skills. 

Lost faith in our decision-making. 

Lost faith in being able to get ourselves out of our work situation. 

You have to have faith in something. 

If you can’t have faith in yourself have faith that there is a plan for your life and that plan is working out.

Have faith that even though you can’t see a way out; that a way will come.

Have faith that you will figure out what you need to do next. 

Have faith that you have come this far in life and that your journey is not yet over.

You will pull through this. This too will pass.

Have faith that everything changes and so will this time in your life.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

Today’s Workplace Situation is from the Netherlands:

  • It is in Europe
  • Official Language is Dutch
  • Currency is Euros
  • Netherlands mean low country because half of the land is below sea level
  • The Dutch own twice as many bikes as automobiles
  • Amsterdam is the capital and it is famous for its canals and the skinny tall houses that are built along the canals.
  • The Dutch are the world’s tallest nationality and they are famous for tulips
  • There are a lot of windmills in the Netherlands that are used for power: