I am physically sick. I have anxiety every day when I enter work. I have even gone to the bathroom because I thought I was going to puke from the amount of anxiety I have. I also got vertigo while there in April, and it hasn’t gone away completely since – it is now August.

I work with manipulative people, they act like they are in high school – they expect you to know things that you were never taught, they try to keep you at the lowest possible rung with no way of getting out of it, and they dump all of their work on you and don’t help you.

~Worker Living in NEW YORK

ladders or a tightrope

I will take a close look.

Am I trying to climb a ladder?

Is the ladder in the right industry FOR ME?

Is the ladder in the right organization?

Do I need to get off of this ladder?

I will take a close look…


You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

P.S. – One more question….is there even a ladder anymore?

Don’t just sit there WAITING to climb up some invisible “ladder”…especially if you are just starting out in your career. Don’t let others sabotage you and keep you stuck.  You are NOT stuck…but…you have to have courage to recognize that and to act.

Just figure out what you want to do, how you want to use your talents, what you want to offer to the world, and move towards that…even if it is something small like researching that topic, curating information and tweeting about it.