I’ve been at the same company for 11 years and going nowhere.

The work is not at all challenging, and so much is expected of us (with little in return).

I don’t care about the product we make or the work we do–it does not inspire me at all.

I detest Sundays, and just struggle through each week until I can make it to the weekend.

~Worker Living in NEW YORK

composer and song

Today, I will think about the fact that this is my life.

I can no longer afford to go week-by-week just existing, just making it through the week, surviving.  I deserve more than this.

No one else is going to get me out of this. 

I have to make the effort to move forward. I have to do this for myself.  Even if things don’t go quite as fast or exactly as I plan at least I need to have a plan.

Every other escape plan may have failed but I cannot give up.

My plans might just be too small. Maybe there is a bigger plan.  Maybe there is a grander plan in the making.

No matter, whatever the plan, the grand plan for my life is good and I will actively work it.

 You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live