My work has no purpose, it helps nobody, and I don’t believe that the organization really cares about the results. They are simply interested in getting grant money from the government and have no intention to use that money to develop a product. I also don’t think the management has any idea what they are doing.

~Worker Living in PENNSYLVANIA

path with purpose

Count yourself lucky if you’ve never worked for an organization that is just smoke and mirrors. 

It’s a shell game.  It’s not real. Of course you don’t know it until you are inside of the shell, that it’s just hollow inside. Some of us have had this experience. Some of us are living inside of this experience now. 

Once you know you are in a hollow organization; it’s like anything else in this life; it comes down to if you are going to continue to play the game of “not real, but they’ve got money to pay me” verses “not real, and I can’t do this anymore”. 

That’s basically it. Just a decision.

Our lives are just a series of decisions that we make moment-by-moment that end up becoming…our lives.  

 You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live


Googling about Robin Williams and other comics I found this graduation speech by Jim Carrey.  Once you get beyond the jokes in the beginning you will find great sage advice and an interesting picture that he drew.