I am so busy at work that I don’t even have the time to look for another job unless I quit my current job.

~Worker Living in CANADA

Goals 2014

Today, if I am too busy working day in and day out at my current job, and I am not happy, and I don’t have enough time to look for another job; then I need to immediately go to Step 2 – Dealing with Finances. 

If I am working this hard and this much; then it needs to be worth it. 

It needs to be worth it so much that I can see a plan to have six months of expenses saved. 

If I do my spreadsheet and things are not adding up, then I have to ask myself WHY am I so busy doing this work…where is it getting ME?  


Please don’t just read this.  Write down one goal you want to achieve in the next five days, then one goal in the next five weeks, then five months, five years and one goal in the next 50 years.

START with the goal 50 years from now. It will help you understand the IMPORTANCE of your life.  It will be about your LEGACY. This is not a dress rehearsal. This is YOUR life and the world needs you to do what you are meant to do…and you are not meant to be miserable day in and day out.

You might be reading this and are absolutely miserable right now today…BUT…five days from now YOU can make a goal that will help you NOT be miserable…EVEN if your goals/plans haven’t worked out so far in your life…just give it one more go…

Stop reading…stop surfing the internet…pull out a piece of paper and start writing…50 years from now I want to be or I want people to remember me for???

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live