I feel stuck in my job and my career. I’ve been plotting this years ago, but I was waiting to get some things I needed (loans, a surgery paid through the healthcare, etc.). Now I’ve got all I need. It’s time to quit and start over.           


Playing Your Hand

We don’t have to just sit there and be miserable.

We can get what we need while we are being miserable.

If we know what we need: be it a degree, a certification, surgery or the magical five-year mark for 401K’s and pensions: then we stay.

WHILE we stay we plot our path.

We work the Steps.

We perfect our plan.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

Today’s Worker Lives in Colombia South America:

Official Language: Spanish

Currency: Colombia Pesos

Has both a Pacific and Caribbean Coast

Roasted ants are eaten as a snack.

The worlds largest producer of Emeralds

There are 500 rock statues of animals – carved 5,000 years ago.

Gold, Gold, Gold : Legend about a tribal chief called The Golden One, there’s a gold museum and a real golden poisonous frog that kills…