The type of work that I do, I am not happy with. At the end of the day I do not have a sense of satisfaction or gratification that I did something meaningful or worthwhile.

I am in a position where I scam customers for their money in return for very little to them. I do not “help” people in a way that I want to. I wear a suit and tie and I clean cars in 100+degree heat. I did not go to college to do this and I deserve so much better.

I work 50 hours a week and I am physically and mentally drained from work. I do not spend time with family or friends like I used to and I have a very bad attitude because all week I take nothing but bullsh*t from customers complaining over nothing. I bend over backwards to make them happy and make my managers richer while my pay check stays the same.

I need to do work where I am helping others in a positive fashion and where I can make a difference. My efforts need to be a part of the “bigger picture”.

Working at this company is horrible, the working conditions, the business practices they teach us, and the terrible management invasion of privacy is something I absolutely hate. I need to find something else!

~Worker Living in WEST VIRGINIA


Today, step back from your life and look at the “bigger picture”.

Put your life into perspective.

What is the big picture you ask:  one day like everyone else we will no longer exist.  None of us know the day it will happen. All we know is that it is an appointment for everyone.

Are you doing something with your life that matters, that is meaningful and worthwhile?

Are you helping or are you hurting others?

Really take a look at the bigger picture and put this one job into perspective.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live


Today is Grandparents Day.  If you are a grandparent think about the legacy you want to leave your grandchildren. Don’t ask what can I do? Say yes I will do something and then start doing it.

If you still have a grandparent living…call them…or go see them and listen to them. Yes, they will ask about your life but try to turn the tables and ask about them, their stories, and just listen.