I feel unappreciated and humiliated at work.

I don’t care about learning insurance and my skills as a therapist are becoming less and less relevant. I hate being talked down to and yelled at by clients and providers. I hate that my time is micro managed down to the minute and it’s starting to overflow into my personal life.

I am in physical pain every day, and have become so depressed that my appearance has changed. I don’t like what I see in the mirror.

I am depressed on the weekends just thinking about having to go into work on Monday and am completely drained on the weekends.

I’m too tired, discouraged and too depressed to look for another job, and I’m afraid that they will notice that I look depressed and not offer me a job. 

~Worker Living in ILLINOIS

sun will rise

Depression is real.

Sometimes we don’t know we are depressed until we are in a deep depression.  We then look around and ask ourselves HOW did I get here?  We feel like we are in quicksand and sinking fast.  We can’t see a way out.  We wonder if others notice how flat we feel. 

We look in the mirror and don’t recognize ourselves. 

Yes, depression is real.

  If you have been depressed before think about how you came out of it. 

If you can’t remember, hold on to the fact that you DID come out of it. 

If you are further into a depression than you feel you have EVER been, then seek help. 

Why, because depression is real.


If things are serious and you need help below are U.S. and Int’l Crisis Hotlines:

Living in the U.S.


(Remember…the world needs you to make it through this…so you can tell your story of courage, endurance and transformation from this experience.   You will make…if you are in a deep depression and need help…talk to someone today).