I start to panic on Sunday evening when I think about going to work on Monday. I stay up as late as possible to postpone the inevitable.

I feel like a fish out of water at my job.

I have been getting sick frequently, gained weight, and have skin problems because of the stress.

I stopped caring about the things I used to enjoy. I truly don’t want to do anything in the evenings or weekends because I’m just so exhausted from my job.

~Worker Living in OHIO

Stop Trying To Be A Fish

After we make our list of why we think we need to “Just Quit” then we need to counterbalance it and ask ourselves: “Is it possible that things could get BETTER on this job? Is there anything that might happen on this job, in this place that would make me want to stay?” 

Listen for the answers.  

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live


Half the time the problem we have is that we try to be like everyone else.  Or we do what other people think we should do.

Until you have the courage to be YOU and do what YOU are meant to do…you’ll always feel like a fish out of water… even if you SHOULD be happy (because you have a job or you’re making decent money). 


Three Magic Words