I will be financially secure with the help of my fiancé.

The job I’m at causes me to feel stuck and unable to take life by the reigns spiritually.

I feel it is a dead end job and I have used up all the resources and mental structure building that it can provide me.

I am able to confidently take away from this job acquired knowledge about how to better speak with people with all different mind sets and situations.

It has helped me gain more patience with people and better listening skills, along with empathy.

I feel that now while working at this job it is keeping me from devoting more time to helping loved ones and friends. The energy that I have to assist others is exhausted from work.

~Worker Living in MINNESOTA

seeing the good

Today, list the things that you will take away from your current job.

What skills or attributes have you personally gained?

There is something good here…what is it?

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live


One way to look for the good is to use a studied and proven model.  One such model is Appreciative Inquiry. It is typically used in Organizational Change.  For those of us who have spent years and years working in “organizations” we know that change in an organization is not easy…so…just start with yourself.  Below is an interesting book to help you apply AI to your own life.