I feel unappreciated and undervalued and my boss does not listen. 

My job is  manual and the data entry is killing my arm. I pulled my side muscle lifting boxes.

The boss is always making snide remarks about someone, and I got one of my co-worker a job and it has been a h*ll hole ever since.

~Worker Living in ARKANSAS

be the boss

Our bosses are just people. 

They are just people like we are. 

They are people with problems, families, issues, hopes, and dreams.

Have you ever considered that people can’t give you something that they don’t have to give? 

Have you ever considered that your boss might be miserable as well? 

Let’s sit back today, regardless of how we feel about our bosses or how miserable they are making our lives and realize that they are just people.  We won’t work for them always, one day we will be gone, we will move on or they will move on, but that boss has to live with themselves…always.


You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live