I’ve discovered that I do not fit well and am not cut out for life in a PR agency.

~Worker Living in MALAYSIA


We don’t have to continue to be a fish out of water. 

We don’t have to continue to use skills that we don’t like and to us are not our strongest skills.

We don’t have to try to fit into a round hole when we are a square peg.

We can find where we fit.  We can find our flow.

If you don’t fit where you are today and you know it…great…you know what you DON’T want to do.  Don’t go looking for another job doing that. No matter how desperate you get don’t try to convince yourself that it’s easier to get another job with the same title or in the same industry you are currently in.  Seems plausible, but it probably won’t make you happy, because it’s not where you fit. 

Find your flow.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live

Practicing Yoga daily is a great way to find your flow.  It helps connect your mind, body and spirit. Maya Fiennes has good Kundalini Yoga material. 

About the Location for today’s story: Malaysia

  • It is in Southeast Asia near Singapore
  • Official Language: Bahasa Malaysia
  • Currency: Ringgits
  • It is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural and Islam is the state religion
  • There is a west Malaysia and east Malaysia – almost like two separate countries
  • They have had one of the best economic records in Asia. The Chinese make-up 1/3 of population but account for 70% of the market capitalism.  Many belong to something called the Bamboo Network.
  • Malaysia is the largest producers of tin, rubber and palm oil.