It is an unhealthy, abusive environment for me.

I find myself in tears one way or another related to the job. 

I take as many vacation days as I can just to avoid having people yelling at me all day.

I have already had one breakdown because of this and I consider doing physical harm to myself every day just to find ways to get out of a day of work.

I dread coming in every day to the point where I am generally late…which only adds more stress.

This job gives me migraines and other severe health issues due to stress that has started manifesting more and more frequently.

In addition to that I have extreme and lasting emotional duress due to this job… it is a very negative job and I’ve been doing it so long that when I have time off there is a noticeable difference in mood and attitude towards life in general…which I have noticed is seriously hindering my ability to not only look for new work but to look like a positive loving candidate that will be able to contribute to another company. 

~Worker Living in COLORADO

Choose Hope

Some days all we have is HOPE. 

Today, know that there is HOPE. 

Hold on to HOPE. 

Find something…anything you can find and write the word HOPE on it.  Keep that something in your pocket or near you all day today. 

Hold on to HOPE.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live