I don’t enjoy what I do and need the time and stress-free experience to find out what I truly want to do.

The enjoyment of the job is no longer there and there is no motivation to try and excel at what I’m doing.

It has crept over into my personal life, making me less happy as a person overall. 

~Worker Living in VIRGINIA


We need to find our authentic selves.

Sometimes in order to do that we need to eliminate all of the noise and static of our current job so we can find out what we really want.  That is what “Just Quit” is  about:  letting go of what we know is not working (and will not work) EVEN if we don’t have something to replace it with right away.

We can make preparations to have some time to find our authentic selves (and still be able to eat of course)… that’s why planning is so important.  

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live