I’ve been incredibly unhappy the past few years.

I started by taking jobs that no one wanted to do in my department in order to “pay my dues”. Now I’m doing the job I had thought I wanted but I’m still unhappy.

The staff has changed since I first started out, and my boss who mentored me is gone. My bossy co-worker is my new boss and doesn’t have any idea of the weekends, evenings and happiness I sacrificed in order to get here. He doesn’t trust me to do my job without looking over it, and requires everything to be just so.

There is no room to grow in this department, and I feel as though I’m not developing any skills in my profession.

I don’t enjoy the work, which also has tight deadlines and causes me so much stress that I’m exhausted when I get home. 

I have random fits of tears and depression, panic attacks and I can’t get my digestion to get back on track. I also feel like it’s preventing me from losing weight despite all efforts.

It’s not what I see myself doing in the future.

~Worker Living in CANADA

Paying Our Dues

We have “paid our dues”.

We have all already “paid our dues”.

Stop “paying your dues” and start doing what you are capable of doing.

Why are we acting, doing, and being less than we are?

If you can’t wrap your head around the fact you don’t need to “pay your dues”; then pretend like it’s 10 years down the road and you have already “paid your dues”; after that time what would you do?  If you know the answer to that and you feel you are capable of doing that right now…then do it now…why wait?

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