I am being bullied at work and my work is not what was promised to me.

It is demeaning and unfulfilling.

The organization has closed ranks around the bully. I have no allies.

~Worker Living in FLORIDA

Sometimes we have to stand up for ourselves.

As adults we don’t have to fight the bullies, just like we didn’t have to fight them when we were in high school.  We recognized who the bullies were and we created a plan to deal with them.stand up

Workplace bullies are no different than the high school bullies. Most people are afraid of them, so for a period of time they get away with their bullying. They taunt you until you stand up to them.

You have to stand up to them.

You can also stand up to the bully by working your “Just Quit” plan.

The sooner you can walk into that job and ANYDAY of your choosing you can leave is a GOOD day.

Even if you don’t leave you won’t be afraid of standing up to them because you’ll have “Just Quit” Power.

Prepare yourself so you can stand your ground.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live