I dislike what I do. I chose my profession as the backup to the career I really wanted. I have not moved into the career that I wanted and my chosen career takes all my time.

Every day, I wake up depressed about going into my job. I even cry in the shower and the car on the way to work. I am so emotionally drained from the work week; I don’t have any energy to pursue my passions.

I shy away from friends and family because I don’t want to talk about my job, and perhaps show how depressed I am to anyone.

I believe it has started to cause health problems from all the stress.

~Worker Living in GEORGIA

lying to yourself

We have to face facts, first to ourselves then to others. 

We have to be honest with ourselves.

If we are hiding the truth about the situation even to ourselves we will remain stuck…year-after-year-after-year. 

We’ll look up and one day we’ll be close to old age and we didn’t do anything in our work-life that mattered to us or that we were passionate about.

Today, be honest with yourself. 

Tell yourself about how you feel about your current job. 

Just be honest, even if it is painful to accept.

You are reading from the book “Just Quit” & Live